WOLFCOP (2014)

Wolfcop (2014)
Synopsis: As a series of strange and violent events start happening, an alcoholic policeman realizes that he has been turned into a werewolf as part of a larger plan, so he investigates with the help of his partner and his friend.

 Simply reading the synopsis will tell you exactly how this movie starts. Lou, the cop, wakes up with a hangover, is late for work, everyone is pissed at him, blah blah blah. Nothing really different or original there. As the only officer on duty in a station with a whopping 3 officers (I always wondered how that was possible), he gets a few calls to respond to. It's made pretty clear he couldn't care less about any of it. Perfectly content to ride out the day collecting a pay check and waiting to reclaim his stool at The Tooth & Nail, pretty cool name for a local watering hole.  In fact, he stops there mid shift while he is "out following a lead." One of his calls is by a paranoid gun shop owner who claims the crime in town is being caused by devil worshippers practicing in the woods and has video documentation of pentagram a to back up his theory. Lou claims it's just kids partying and the pentagrams are inspired by Heavy Metal.  Later that night, he has to go out to those same woods to chase away the partying kids. He makes a disturbing discovery and is knocked out from behind.
This is the point where the movie takes a quick turn into awesome.

Like any werewolf movie, Lou is caught off guard during the first transformation, which definitely gets an A for creativity. I'll just say it started while he was taking a leak. You can use your imagination as to how it started.  This movie didn't have the normal "what's happening to me" transition. Instead he instantly goes from a shitty cop to an awesome John McClane/Teenwolf hybrid who gets added strength from his consumption of alcohol. While he's a wolf, he still remains himself so he talks, drives, drinks A LOT, smokes. Hell, he even gets laid and I guarantee after watching that scene, you'll never look at Red Riding Hood the same again.  He spends his second night as a wolf thwarting crime all over town. If I give any more of the plot It will spoil the overall story but I will say there were a few unexpected plot twists.

 This movie literally had everything I expected and more. The overall story, as well as back story were clear and consistent throughout. The characters covered the full spectrum of traits. Some pissed you off, some were annoying, some made you laugh, etc... It didn't pull any punches and literally pushed to do everything it could. I also have to credit for the creativity in coming up with an original way to "infect" someone to make them a werewolf.  All in all this was a good combination of taking a horror theme and giving it a comedic overtone while making it their own movie. While not on the level of movies like Tucker and Dale VS Evil or Shaun of the Dead, it is definitely that style so if that's what you're into, this is definitely a movie worth seeing.

 Oh, and the end credits came complete with "Wolfcop II coming in 2015." I'll be on the lookout for that.


reviewed by Bobby

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