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A door to unspeakable horror opens this January.

Laura Swift (The Snowman), Sally Phillips (the Bridget Jones series), Bruce Payne (Warlock III, Passenger 57), Julian Rhind-Tutt (Lucy), Tom Goodman Hill (Everest) and The Young Ones’ Adrian Edmondson star in writer-director Matt Mitchell’s “fast-paced and thoroughly entertaining”* action-horror The Rizen, invading VOD this January from Uncork’d Entertainment.

The year is 1955. NATO and the Allied Forces have been conducting secret, occult experiments in a bid to win the Arms Race. They have finally succeeded, but what they have unleashed could tear our world apart. Now one woman must lead the only other two survivors past faceless horrors that threaten to kill or capture them at every turn. They are the only ones left who can fight to close a door that should never have been opened.

The Rizen available on VOD January 2 from Uncork’d Entertainment.


                  THERE WAS AN IDEA                           


This afternoon I had the pleasure of talking with Charlotte Sullivan about her newest film Radius. Most of you may know her as Gail on Rookie Blue or Anna on Chicago Fire, she is a native of Toronto Ontario Canada and has been working consistently since 1995. Radius is a Sci-Fi psychological thriller based in memory loss and the ability to cause anyone within a 50ft radius to drop dead.  Spoilers for the movie lay ahead, so if you haven’t seen it yet, you may want to head over to a theater in select areas or to Netflix and VOD (starting November 9th) to find out what has her so excited.
How did you get involved in this project and what attracted you to this role? I was taking a bit of a break, but my agent read the script and thought it was something unique that I would enjoy, and kept pushing me to read it. She was right. I loved how the characters didn’t have the inevitable love scene. They don’t know who they are, and they have this weird robotic energy that I found very interesting. It all happened very quickly.  Once I auditioned, I think I was in Winnipeg two or three days later.
What was the filming process like for you? It was wildly fast with no time to properly prepare, but you use your circumstances. She doesn’t know who she is and I don’t really know who she is, so it kind of works. In hindsight it was all very comical as one day I would tell my husband, “I’m off to get stabbed with a hypodermic needle and the next day, a bunch of people are going to drop dead, and today I am going to try and commit suicide.” There was never a really chill scene. It was all very high octane, which was very hard to maintain over 16 hours a day for 21 days. I had a great partner in Diego Klattenhoff and I was able to confide in him my insecurities about being able to maintain the energy at a consistent level. He was so positive and I’m so glad I took the role, even though I was reluctant in the beginning.
I was going to ask if it was fun on the set, but it sounds like it was pretty stressful for you to get into character. It was, but we also had our writer and director team, Caroline Labrèche and her husband Steeve Léonard, who are totally bonkers and amazing people. They are just quirky, and during stressful moments, they could be dancing or doing silly things that would help during the more serious moments. At times, it can be hard to rally everyone together and make them feel a part of something, but they were great and I couldn’t have asked for anything better in a team. They were just happy and I’m sure they were excited to be able to make their movie that they have been trying to do for so long. I was privileged to be a part of it.  
Diego’s character, Liam, is always using animals to demonstrate his abilities. Have you had any push back from animal groups? Oh God!  We haven’t yet, but it was a thing we worried about. The goat was not dead. It was a fake, but the other animals were… pre-dead, not that it makes it much better. We are sensitive to it and we tried to handle it the best we could. We are expecting a response, but no one has tried to douse me with bucket of pig’s blood, yet.
In the film we don’t get a clear indication as to what caused Liam’s abilities. Was there a theory on set as to what the cause was, whether it be God, aliens or just a freak accident? Both Caroline and Steeve have a really in-depth reason for what led to it, but the Sci-Fi aspect left me a bit like, “He can do what?” Everyone had their own theory, and they were all different. I thought it was a fluke, but they are crazy and have done tons of research. I know my answer won’t be as interesting or entertaining as theirs. As crazy as the situation is, we can’t treat it as absurd. We have to treat it as real for it to be authentic. For two people with no memories, who are like robots in this world, trying to piece themselves back together, even if it may not be possible for us, this is their world and we have to make it real for them.

What would be your elevator pitch for the movie if you had to sell it to someone who has never heard of it? People drop dead. We have characters who feel like robots. They have no romantic feelings towards each other but are strangely and bizarrely drawn to the other.  The world is kind of unlike anything you have ever seen and you have to come up with a conclusion about what the hell happened to these people.
My wife left while I was watching this movie, but kept texting me, asking if they had fallen in love yet. I love that, and I love that they don’t. That is what makes this [movie] so unique. As an actress, when I get a new script, I always look for the part where I have to take off my clothes and, “Ugh, there it is. Of course, it’s there,” but not this time. I loved how original this was in its thinking. I think it’s great that your wife was expecting that and that we didn’t go there. We were able to do different things, which is exactly what Caroline and Steeve wanted.
You have been enjoying a very successful television career. Will this be the start of a push into more films? I just finished a project and I am taking a bit of a break. I don’t have things planned out for film versus television. I want to have fun, creative experiences and work with people who make me a better artist. I have had two really good experiences in the last year and two that were just ok. I really just want to have a good time and work with good people on interesting roles, but right now I’m also enjoying doing normal things too.



Film Mode Entertainment's Sci-Fi Action Epic 
Makes AFM World Screening Premiere
and Debuts Key Art
Newest Sci-Fi Action feature from Film Mode Entertainment 
With incredible visual effects from the team 
That crafted The Hobbit and Matrix Franchises 
Screens for the first time at AFM 2017
Clay Epstein's Film Mode Entertainment announces the AFM World Market Premiere of the sci-fi action film Occupation.  The film stars Dan Ewing ("Home and Away"), Temuera Morrison (Aquaman, Moana), Rhiannon Fish (Emmy-nominated "The 100") and Bruce Spence (Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith). The production is written and directed by Luke Sparke (Red Billabong, "Yesterday Is History"). Film Mode Entertainment will be screening the film for buyers for the first time at this year's AFM.

Occupation Poster Courtesy of Film Mode Entertainment

After a devastating intergalactic attack on Earth, the last surviving humans must band together for the sake of survival. As war looms, and the struggle to stay alive worsens, they realize the only way to save the human race is to stay one step ahead of their attackers and strike back.
"Be ready to be blown away by the scale of this film," said Clay Epstein, President of Film Mode Entertainment.  "Luke is an impressive filmmaker who has brought out the best in everyone who worked on this film.  The F/X and action sequences are so impressive, our clients are in for a real treat."
With the Gold Coast of Australia as one of the film's most breathtaking backdrops, the upcoming action science-fiction movie showcases a tremendous ensemble of actors as well as extraordinary post-production.  Utilizing Sharp FX (The Hobbit Trilogy, Matrix 2 & 3) for remarkable prosthetic make-up and mind-blowing visual effects, Occupation proves to entice audiences galore. 
Reeling from the success of Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, Arrival and Alien: Covenant, the resurgence of the sci-fi genre is already evident across the global marketplace.  The action-heavy film stars Temuera Morrison whose fan base is ever-expanding from wowing audiences as Chief Tui in the Oscar-nominated Moana and bringing his talent to the screen in next year's Aquaman and Dan Ewing in his second collaboration with director Luke Sparke. 
"We're extremely excited to show Occupation for the first time to buyers at AFM," said writer/director Luke Sparke.  "The film has been put together by a team of passionate individuals and companies from Australia and around the world, and it really is a huge achievement from all.  We believe the film takes the 'invasion' storyline in a new and exciting direction, while still giving action film junkies a fun experience I hope they will want to watch again and again.  The cast involved are all absolutely wonderful and I can't wait for the audience at AFM to be taken on the roller coaster ride that is - Occupation."   
Occupation is produced by SparkeFilms, the team behind the 2016 monster flick Red Billabong.  Producers include Carly Imrie and Carmel Imrie.
Film Mode Entertainment is representing worldwide rights.  Pinnacle Films will be releasing it theatrically in Australia and New Zealand.


Film Mode Entertainment Presents
2017 AFM World Market Premiere Screenings 

Don't miss the highly anticipated AFM World Premiere and first-look screenings of the new thrillers 

The Ninth Passenger starring Jesse Metcalfe ("Dallas"), Tom Maden (MTV's "Scream"), Alexia Fast ("Manhattan"), Timothy V. Murphy (The Lone Ranger), & Cinta Laura Kiehl (After the Dark)

Blood Bound starring Eden Brolin ("Beyond"), Joseph Melendez ("Ozark"), and Emmy-Award Winner Eric Nelsen ("The Bay"). 
Clay Epstein's Film Mode Entertainment announces the World Market Premiere screening and AFM debut of the new thriller The Ninth Passenger. The film stars Jesse Metcalfe ("Dallas") as well as a talented ensemble of veteran and up-and-coming actors that include Tom Maden (MTV's "Scream,"), Alexia Fast ("Manhattan"), Timothy V. Murphy (The Lone Ranger), and Cinta Laura Kiehl (After the Dark).

The Ninth Passenger
Image courtesy of Film Mode Entertainment

From the executive producer of It Follows, Corey Large, The Ninth Passenger uncovers a group of college students on a spontaneous midnight sea voyage aboard a luxury yacht. The adventure turns horrific when they drift to a dark island and are hunted one by one by a mysterious ninth passenger.

Not everyone is what they seem in this spine-tingling excursion. "Audiences are going to have a lot of fun with The Ninth Passenger. The filmmakers have made a really entertaining film with great characters and great twist at the end," said Epstein.

The film is perfectly positioned to captivate audiences across the global marketplace.  And with over 3 million followers on social media from the U.S. to China and everywhere in between, Cinta Laura Kiehl (After the Dark) brings even more star power and a dedicated audience to the The Ninth Passenger
Stay for the AFM World Market Premiere of Blood Bound starring Eden Brolin ("Beyond") daughter of multiple award-winning actor Josh Brolin, Joseph Melendez ("Ozark"), and Emmy-Award Winner Eric Nelsen ("The Bay). The film is written and directed by Richard LeMay, who recently directed Dimentia 13, originated/funded and owned by NBC/Universal.

Eden Brolin in Blood Bound
Image courtesy of Film Mode Entertainment
Every 25 years, it begins. Bound to an ancient pact, a family of unlimited power descends upon a small rural town to sacrifice four human lives, one being a member of their own family. This Rosemary's Baby meets Drag Me to Hell thriller takes a dark look into how far the human spirit can take one soul in it's most desperate hour.  Layered with plot twists and conflicted characters, Blood Bound follows six people as they carry out their destiny to their ultimate horror.
"Blood Bound is the perfect addition to our already impressive line-up of films." Said Mathilde Epstein, COO of Film Mode Entertainment, "We are quickly becoming the home for elevated genre films as evident in our success with films like The Good Neighbor starring James Caan.  Our roster consists of a variety of these commercially viable titles that buyers and audiences around the world the world have been asking for."
Film Mode Entertainment has indeed become a home for elevated genre.  Both The Ninth Passenger and Blood Bound are highly-suspenseful films that are sure to entice buyers and keep viewers on the edge of their seats.  Screening for the very first time, buyers will have a chance to see what makes the new thrillers such commercially viable films.  
"I'm thrilled to be working with Film Mode to screen Blood Bound at AFM," said Richard LeMay, writer/director of Blood Bound. "This is a great opportunity to show people this dark, creepy film, and I think people are going to be blown away by Eden Brolin's performance."
The premiere screenings took place on Thursday, November 2 at 1 PM at Laemmle-5 (The Ninth Passenger) and at 3 PM in the Ocean Screening Room (Blood Bound). Additional screening appointments can be made with Film Mode Entertainment. 
Film Mode Entertainment is representing the world on both Blood Bound and The Ninth Passenger
About Film Mode Entertainment

Film Mode Entertainment is a leading worldwide sales agent, production entity and distribution company, focusing on commercially driven feature films of all genres and budget sizes. Film Mode represents projects at all stages of the filmmaking process, often as Executive Producer, with the aim of helping producers and distributors achieve maximum exposure for their films. Film Mode's recent successes include Sugar Mountain starring Jason Momoa, Little Pink House starring two-time Academy Award-nominee Catherine Keener and the SXSW official entry The Good Neighbor starring the legendary James Caan. 

Upcoming productions include Viking Destiny starring Terence Stamp. Additional titles include TIFF official selection Human Traces with Mark Mitchinson and Sophie Henderson and The Girl Who Invented Kissing, a romantic drama starring Luke Wilson and Suki Waterhouse. Film Mode launched DocMode in 2017 to focus on award-winning documentaries that impact the world. Film Mode is based in Beverly Hills with a satellite office in New York City. 


One of Us
“She Wanted In. Now She’s Dying to Get Out.”

One of Us is a thriller involving a lost friend and reclusive cult. When journalist Melanie Roberts goes to the Ascension Family Commune, she finds herself in too deep and Haley nowhere to be found. One of Us was directed by Blake Reigle (Beneath the Surface, 2007). As well, the film stars: Christa B. Allen (Youth in Revolt), Derek Smith (Euogilia), Carly Schroeder, Chasty Ballesteros and Ashley Wood. This shocking title will show at online DVD retailers, this December, through Monarch Home Entertainment.

The story focuses on Melanie (Allen). She is desperate to find Haley (Lisseth Chavez). But, she is soon enamoured by a charismatic cult leader. Haley’s disappearance grows more mysterious as the other cult members reveal nothing of her membership. Though, it becomes obvious that Haley has met a gruesome fate at the hands of this murderous cult.

Monarch Home Entertainment will bring One of Us to DVD, mid-December. The release date is scheduled for December 12th. The film has not been rated and will be released in this format. And, fans of horror or of thrillers can see the film, for themselves, in just a few days!

Official synopsis: On a mission to find her friend, investigative journalist Melanie Roberts tracks down the Ascension Family Commune and goes undercover to discover what exactly is happening there. Under the pretense of joining, she meets the charismatic leader and charms her way into the cult. But her friend Haley isn't there; and the other women are silent about her disappearance. Dark secrets are buried in the soil of the commune, and though she doesn't know it, Melanie is already in too deep.


Street Date: December 12th, 2017 Rating: Not Rated SRP: $19.95 Genre: Thriller Cat #: MHV 7962 UPC: 723952079626 Run Time: 85 Minutes.
Director: Blake Reigle. Cast: Christa B. Allen, Derek Smith, Carly Schroeder, Chasty Ballesteros and Ashley Wood.


In Theaters April 20, 2018

 Global megastar Dwayne Johnson headlines the action adventure “Rampage,” directed by Brad Peyton. Primatologist Davis Okoye (Johnson), a man who keeps people at a distance, shares an unshakable bond with George, the extraordinarily intelligent, silverback gorilla who has been in his care since birth. But a rogue genetic experiment gone awry mutates this gentle ape into a raging creature of enormous size. To make matters worse, it’s soon discovered there are other similarly altered animals. As these newly created alpha predators tear across North America, destroying everything in their path, Okoye teams with a discredited genetic engineer to secure an antidote, fighting his way through an ever-changing battlefield, not only to halt a global catastrophe but to save the fearsome creature that was once his friend.

“Rampage” also stars Oscar nominee Naomie Harris (“Moonlight”), Malin Akerman (TV’s “Billions”), Jake Lacy (TV’s “Girls”), Joe Manganiello (TV’s “True Blood”) and Jeffrey Dean Morgan (TV’s “The Walking Dead”); as well as P.J. Byrne (“The Wolf of Wall Street”), Marley Shelton (“Solace”), Breanne Hill (“San Andreas”), Jack Quaid (“The Hunger Games: Catching Fire”), and Matt Gerald (TV’s “Daredevil”). Peyton directs from a screenplay by Ryan Engle and Carlton Cuse & Ryan J. Condal and Adam Sztykiel, story by Ryan Engle, based on the video game Rampage.

“Rampage is produced by Beau Flynn, John Rickard, Brad Peyton and Hiram Garcia. It marks the third collaboration between Johnson, Peyton and Flynn, following the blockbuster hit “San Andreas.” Serving as executive producers are Marcus Viscidi, Dwayne Johnson, Dany Garcia, Jeff Fierson, Toby Emmerich, Richard Brener and Michael Disco, with Wendy Jacobson co-producing. The creative team includes production designer Barry Chusid (“San Andreas”), director of photography Jaron Presant (2nd unit, “Star Wars: The Last Jedi”), editor Jim May (“Goosebumps”) and costume designer Melissa Bruning (“Dawn of the Planet of the Apes”).

Music will be composed by Andrew Lockington, who created the scores for “San Andreas” and “Journey 2: The Mysterious Island.” The “Rampage” creatures are brought to life by acclaimed VFX supervisor Colin Strause (“San Andreas,” “X-Men: Apocalypse”), with five-time Academy Award-winning visual effects company Weta Digital (“The Lord of the Rings” Trilogy, “Dawn of the Planet of the Apes”).

“Rampage” opens in theaters beginning April 20, 2018. A New Line Cinema presentation, a Wrigley Pictures/Flynn Picture Company/7 Bucks Entertainment production, in association with ASAP Entertainment, “Rampage” will be distributed by Warner Bros. Pictures, a Warner Bros. Entertainment Company.