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starring Mick Foley, Chris Marquette, Amada Crew, Michael Eklind, Niall Matter

Coming to DVD, Blu-ray, and digital formats February 27th

Chokeslam features an all-star cast that includes Chris Marquette (Fanboys, The Girls Next Door), Amada Crew (HBO's Silicon Valley, The Age of Adaline), Michael Eklind (Watchmen), Niall Matter (The Predator) and WWE Superstar Mick Foley (Beyond the Mat). The film is a product of Executive Producers Trevor Wilson (Forsaken) and Mark Gringras (Jigsaw Colossal). 

Chokeslam was an official selection of the World Film Festival - San Francisco and the Calgary International Film Festival. It's recommended for fans of other wrestling comedies like Ready To Rumble, Nacho Libre, Body Slam and the hit Netflix series GLOW.


Corey (Chris Marquette), still lives in his mom's basement with same job slicing meat in a tiny deli for over a decade, a sad and lonely figure. His life shut down after hastily proposing marriage to his best friend Sheena (Amanda Crew) in front of their entire high school only to have her turn him down.
A humiliated Corey wanted Sheena to stay in their small town but she was going onto much bigger things. Ten years later, Sheena, now a world-renowned professional wrestler, famous for her legendary temper in and out of the ring, has come back home for her and Corey's high school reunion and Corey cannot help himself, immediately falling for Sheena all over again. But professional wrestling has not been kind to Sheena. She's changed. She's hostile and burnt-out from years on the road and has announced her retirement.
To win back over her heart, Corey plans a retirement benefit match for Sheena but what Corey never envisioned is that the match lures talent scouts to watch her wrestle and the scouts are so impressed that they are going to fly in the big boss to see Sheena wrestle. If he's as dazzled as they are, he'll offer Sheena an exclusive five-year wrestling contract, only it is to wrestle in Japan. Corey feels like he's been scissor-kicked in the stomach. The very event intended to rekindle Sheena's love for wrestling, and hopefully her love of him, now threatens to take her away from him forever...Love is hard to pin down.

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"This film was very, very funny. 4/5 Stars!" - Calgary Kid Critic

"Strangley entertaining fusion of comedy, romance and sport that stands out in a sea of repetitive rom-coms." - Amada Siebert, The Georgia Straight

"Chokeslam is a charming and funny movie." - Marina Antunes, Quiet Earth

"It's practically cliche to call an indie film charming, but that's just about the best way to size up Chokeslam. Plenty of well earned laughs and some light-hearted drama keep this comedy to jump off the ropes for." - David Duprey, That Moment In




                          Voices of Rhode Island Comic Con: Revenge of The Nerds Edition
In 1984 Adams College freshmen Gilbert and Lewis were evicted from their dorm when the Alpha Betas, who recently burned down their own fraternity house, took over the building. When the college forces the freshmen to live in the gym, Gilbert, Lewis and their fellow nerds relocate to a run-down house and open the Adams chapter of Lambda Lambda Lambda. When the Alpha Betas, led by jock, Stan, repeatedly humiliate them, the nerds plot revenge. For this edition of “Voices from RICC,” I want to share with you the conversations I had with the rapping Tri-Lamb Lamar (Larry B. Scott), child prodigy Wormser (Andrew Cassese) head cheerleader Betty (Julia Montgomery) and main nerd-tosser Ogre (Donald Gibb). I wanted to ask them about their favorite memories of making the hit film that spawned three sequels over the next 10 years and what they are working on now.

                                                                    Larry B. Scott
 Larry is a great with his fans. I didn’t see a single person go up to his table and not have a few laughs and leave with a big smile. He is probably the second most accomplished actor from the series, after Anthony Edwards of ER and Top Gun fame.  You can follow him on twitter @Lbeezee17

The mid-80s were big for you. What was it like going from hit film to hit film with; The Karate Kid, SpaceCamp and Revenge of The Nerds? It was a blur when I was doing it. Now, looking back, I think I had three days between Iron Eagle and SpaceCamp. One of them was in the desert, where the sun comes up at 6:30 its boiling at 6:35, so it was tough. Tough, but fun, because I got to work with so many great people. SpaceCamp, in particular, because I got to work the babes of Hollywood: Kelly Preston, Lea Thompson and Kate Capshaw and I worked with Robert Zemeckis, Steven Spielberg and Tate Donovan who messed up by not marrying Jennifer Aniston. It was a lot of fun.

What is your best memory from filming Revenge of The Nerds and do you still remember any of your Lambda rap? Hanging out with the guys. There is a thing called chemistry. When it works, it works, and for us, it worked. I did the rap last night at the after party and I don’t think I will ever be able forget it. Funny thing, there was a guy last night waving his hand saying, “I want to do the rap. I know it I promise.” He comes up and just chokes. Then I am at a panel and start to do it, and I think everyone there knew every word. So, I guess if you know it, you know it.
Did you get to keep your bazooka from Fear of a Black Hat? “Hahaha!” No that was a prop. They don’t let you take that kind of stuff home, even if it would have been awesome.

Can you tell us a little about Spring Break ‘83 and Black Jesus? “Oh my God, Spring Break ’83!” How do you know about that? It was with a friend mine, Mars Callahan, who called me up and asked me to do him a favor. I said I don’t really do that anymore, but he was like “for me please?” So, I showed up for a day and we had fun. Black Jesus is on Adult Swim and should be in its third season, but unfortunately Charlie Murphy died, so they had to throw out all the scripts and rewrite the season. The show runner is Rusty Cundiff, from Fear of a Black Hat. I called him up seeing if there was a part for me. He wasn’t sure, but a couple weeks later he called me back and said, yeah, we have a place for you. I play Clarence in a couple episodes, and all I will say is, I have a gun and a wheelchair.

                                                                 Andrew Cassese
Andrew only has 9 credits to his name, preferring to focus his energy on commercials, the theater, and working behind the camera. His biggest role after Revenge of the Nerds 2 was the television show, TV 101, which also featured actors like Stacey Dash and Matt LeBlanc.

You were about 11 years old when you were filming Revenge of The Nerds. What was it like being on set and being several years younger than the rest of the cast? When you’re young on a set, there are rules. You can only work so many hours, you have to go to school, and all that. It was like living two lives. You have to know the script and try to learn all the things other kids were learning too. When there was a break on set, the rest of the cast went to go do whatever they wanted, and I had to go to school. These guys were great though. They looked after me like older brothers and would sometimes hide me from the AD when they were trying to put me in school. So, I got to partake in some of the shenanigans.

Did it take a long time to learn your dance for the talent show?
We had a dance coach and didn’t take too long. We had a few sessions, each a couple of hours. After that, we had to practice it on our own until we had it nailed down.

What was it like working with Raul Julia on Broadway? He was an amazing guy, a great talent and was exactly like you would expect him to be. He would have been huge at events like this.
What are you working on today? Are you still producing or doing Broadway? I do theater once in a while. I mostly do commercials and some voice over stuff too. It’s not high-profile stuff, but it keeps the work coming, which is great.

                                                                     Donald Gibb

Even though Donald has 89 acting credits on IMDB, from 68 episodes of 1st & 10 to two Bloodsport films and the Will Smith movie Hancock, he is most famous for yelling, “NERDS!”
What was your favorite part of filming the three Revenge of the Nerds movies you have been in? Just being with the guys time after time, it was a blast.

What did you think of Ogre’s arc over the first two films? I was a little shocked when they first came to me and said that I would be becoming a nerd. I think we were able to pull it off convincingly, because I tried to play Ogre as more of a simple guy than a bad guy. I think that is why he could learn to like the nerds and fight for them instead of against them.

                                                                  Julia Montgomery

Julia has been acting since the early 80s and has made appearances in several hit television shows. Besides playing Betty, she is best known for Girls Night Out and One Life to Live.

What is your favorite memory from filming Revenge of The Nerds and did you have a favorite scene? A favorite scene of mine was just walking down the hall singing “Old McDonald.” It was right before the shower scene. I had finished for the day when I got a call from Jeff Kanew, the director, saying he had an idea and asking if I was willing to come back. I never ever wanted the day to end with these guys. We had so much fun, so I rushed back down to film one of the many scenes he came up with on the fly.

What do you think of Betty’s arc throughout the series? It was really sweet. Actually, in the script for the second movie they had me cheating on Lewis, so I turned it down. It made no sense to me because the first movie was about me falling in love with a nerd, so why would I be in a hotel room with a jock on page 6 of this time? I came back for number three, and we were married and having kids in number four, so it was a real love story.

What are your thoughts on the evolution of how some people view the sex scene between Betty and Skolnick? I think we should have done a few more takes of her realization that it was the nerd and not her boyfriend. My character didn’t have a dialogue, and I think that we could have used it there to give another moment of shock, horror, and then the awareness that she was happy it was him. She always secretly kind of liked him. He grew on her, you know, but we missed the part of it not being consensual. I wish we could have changed that a little bit.

Do you have any upcoming projects that we should be on the lookout for? I did a couple of independent movies that are yet to come out. I have some commercials: one for Target and one for Home Advisor, but I also have two kids that keep me busy.


Creator of Near Dark & The Hitcher partners with Horror Equity Fund for new horror movie, White Knuckle

Visionary writer/director Eric Red is teaming with Horror Equity Fund for the new horror movie,  WHITE KNUCKLE.  Eric has crafted a script and will helm the movie based on his novel of the same name.  Horror fans know Eric as the writer of genre favorites, Near Dark (1987) and The Hitcher (1986).  He is also the writer / director of Body Parts (1991) and Bad Moon (1996). 

WHITE KNUCKLE tells a gripping story of female empowerment about a woman who survives an attack by a serial killer, and then takes it upon herself to stop him from hurting anyone else. 

Marlon Schulman CEO, Brian Herskowitz CCO, and Tony Timpone EVP of Horror Equity Fund have signed on as Executive Producers and plan on taking this project to the next level of horror entertainment.

Eric Red says, “I’m very excited to be joining forces with Marlon Schulman, Brian Herskowitz and Tony Timpone at Horror Equity Fund for my new film, WHITE KNUCKLE.  It’s a great team to be working with making a terrifying road thriller in the tradition of THE HITCHER.”

Tony Timpone says,  "Very happy that the first project that I brought into Horror Equity Fund to be fast-tracked is Eric Red's super-kinetic WHITE KNUCKLE. Eric's previous work in the genre, THE HITCHER, NEAR DARK and BODY PARTS, were unique and terrifying. WHITE KNUCKLE will keep people off the highways like JAWS kept 'em out of the water. And HEF supporters can be part of the ride!"





 Look At Me Films today has released the poster for its newest genre film“HUNTING SEASON,” with Deanna Russo (“THE ICE CREAM TRUCK,” “BEING HUMAN,” “REST STOP”) set to team up again with director Megan Freels Johnston (“THE ICE CREAM TRUCK,” “REBOUND”). The screenplay is written by Freels Johnston. The casting process is still underway.

“HUNTING SEASON” is the chilling story of a single girl whose weekend getaway with her dashing new boyfriend at his familys hunting lodge puts her directly in their crosshairs. When she goes dark, her roommate tracks her to the lion’s den—just in time for dinner. 

The movie will be produced by Freels Johnston and YuMee Jang (“THE ICE CREAM TRUCK,” “THE VALLEY”) via their production company Look At Me Films.

Production is set to begin later this year.


Special One-Night Screening Event: Tuesday, February 27, 2018
DISTRIBUTOR: Blue Fox Entertainment
WRITERS: Patrick Magee, Jay Lee
DIRECTOR: Patrick Magee
PRODUCERS: Angela Lee, Patrick Magee
CAST: Andrew Joseph Montgomery, Casey Gagliardi, Eloy Casados, Justin Rain and Marshal Hilton
Lost deep in the forests of the Pacific Northwest, a young couple is stalked by a terrifying creature that may be the legendary Bigfoot.
Lost deep in the forest of the Pacific Northwest, Ashley and Max Carr are stalked by a terrifying creature that might be Bigfoot.  Soon they find themselves embroiled in a strange land of Native American myth and legend turned real.  Hopelessly trying to survive, with a handful of unsavory locals, they must fight back against this monster in a desperate battle of life or death.
RUN-TIME: 104 Minutes
GENRE: Thriller / Horror / Suspense / Independent
YEAR:  2018


With their diverse library of indie horror films continuing to dominate major digital platforms around the world, genre distributor Terror Films is currently seeking completed short films.These shorts will be used to enter the limited television series space.

TERROR FILMS Is Seeking Short Films For Televised “Terrifying Tuesdays”Original Series!

The original series concept will be titled "Terror Films Presents: Terrifying Tuesdays." This series will be comprised of six original, never-before-seen short films - presented in a weekly, episodic format. Each episode will be released as a stand-alone episode, once a week, every Tuesday for six weeks leading up to Halloween. On Halloween Day, Wednesday, October 31st, viewers will be able to binge watch all six episodes. Each episode would open with pre-produced prologue created by the label specifically for the series.

Although Amazon Prime is the current platform the series would be released on, the label isn’t ruling out pitching the final product to many of their other relationships, including: Shudder, Starz, Netflix and Hulu.

“This is our take on ‘Tales From The Crypt,’ if you will," stated Terror Films President Joe Dain. “There are so many incredibly talented filmmakers out there. The level of originality and quality we have seen over the years with shorts has often surpassed what we see in full-length features. We not only want to give these filmmakers a real opportunity to have their short films showcased but wrapping them into a limited series format will allow us to elevate the marketing angle. We’re incredibly excited about the possibilities.”

Selected filmmakers will share in the revenue generated, either through a licensing deal secured by the label or from the Amazon Prime Revenue Share program. 

Terror Films Executive and Head of Acquisitions Jim Klock will be overseeing the submission and selection process. Films will be subjected to very specific guidelines, which the distributor has provided below. The deadline to submit your completed short is June 1st, 2018.

Submission Guidelines:

  • Inclusive of credits, shorts should be no less than 25 minutes but no more than 40 minutes maximum. 

  • Films must be 100% completed.

  • Absolutely no scenes of violence towards women, excessive nudity, extreme graphic violence or overt visual gore. 

  • Shorts must not have had any online exposure at all! (YouTube, Vimeo, iTunes, Amazon, Festival or Filmmaker's Website, Social Media etc.). Festival participation is okay but they must not have appeared online in any way. 

  • No science fiction shorts! We are looking for traditional horror. (hauntings, possessions, witches, deranged killers, etc.).

  • You must own all rights to images, actors and music/score. “Festival Rights Only" will not be accepted. 

  • Only seeking English Speaking shorts. No foreign language films with/or without subtitles will be considered for this particular project. 

  • If you shot your film under the SAG New Media Agreement, filmmakers will be responsible for contacting SAG and paying any residuals from revenue received.
Copies of all executed SAG contracts must be available for review if requested. 

  • A 5.1 sound mix preferred but not required. 

  • All films subject to approval and acceptance based on all of the above along with a QC (Quality Control) report that shows that the film is technically ready to be delivered onto the Amazon platform.  

  • Submission Deadline ends June 1st, 2018.

If your film(s) meets the above guidelines, please submit it/them to:

If we’re interested in acquiring your film, someone from the Terror Films team will contact you. Please do not send emails requesting the status of your submission.  

To learn more about Terror Films, visit: