Within Madness By.. J.M. Stelly

Within Madness takes us on a journey into the inner most thoughts of a sociopath. A side most of us will never see,feel or experience. A brief glimpse into how a sociopath interprets the life around them until the inevitable happens and he acts upon his sociopathic urges and goes after his obsession Brandy. We are taken along on this journey by means of a personal video diary. Which in my opinion was done quite well. The story did not jump around and was easy to follow.... which isn't always the case with a film done in this manner. The torture flashbacks were amazingly done with the look,feel and sound of old reel to reel film....
Loved it. To myself,it made me feel as if Donovan Summers.... the psycho....was seeing a twisted perception of his tortured past. In the end the inevitable happens and his sociopathic ways rise up and without going into details .... Brandy is in trouble. Visually, this film looked great...... black & white I feel was a great choice. It enhanced the story and mood of Donovan. The script was equally as good as was the actors themselves.                     
One critique i would have for Within Madness would be the volume of some of the music to the sounds of the actors voice. At times it drowned out the actor making it hard to hear he dialogue . Other then that I really liked this film. If you like independent films you should like Within Madness. The look and feel of this of this film is great and script is well written. I'm watching this one again. J.M. Stelly is someone to keep your eyes on. Both DVD's and Blu-Ray's are available for pre-order at leglesscorpse.com/shop
reviewed by Rhonda

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