Who likes sleazy films?

Easy we do here at Horror, Sci-fi & More! The more sleazy the better and thats how we like it here. This film is one of the sleaziest films we've seen come across our tables in awhile and we liked it so much we have to brag about it a little bit. Let's face it this film is perhaps sleazy enough for some people to just go "Oh, this is offensive. I have to report it." And then there are people like us who tolerate this stuff and love it cause not only is it sleazy its film and its art. So let's begin our little journey down the sleazy road with the Sinful Dwarf.

Now the film doesn't wait to thrust you into the world of our demented little friend here known as Olaf. He lures a helpless victim by showing off and letting her play with his toy dog. Now in a modern time this person would've more likely fled the scene the moment he tried this but this chick was written to be completely dumb and she falls for it all and is lured back to his house where he overtakes her and makes her his sex slave. Now this is only the beginning of the film and you have to wonder is there going to far worse stuff after this? YES!

This film alone is pure sleaze and its golden all the way around. The film itself is filth and what do you expect with an unrated and XXX film? Nothing cause its pure awesomeness is over powering and it screams through the screeen that you need to watch this film. Yes its disturbing is some sequences but what do you expect with a film that can easily fall into the pornography/exploitation genre. I for one found that the film is easily an exploitation film that has its moments of disturbing and hard to stomach scenes but you have to remember this is what made this film what it is. The film itself isn't going to be hard for me to recommend to you because once you stare at the cover art you're already drawn in because you have to wonder what can this little guy really do. HOLY SHIT!!! You have to see with your own eyes to understand what I am talking about.

Severin’s Blu-ray release is stacked with bonus content, including two different cuts of the film. The Abducted Bride, the unrated American version of the film, is included in addition to the XXX-rated cut titled The Dwarf. A documentary about Torben and about finding the cast is also encased the blu-ray. A featurette on the film's producer called "Novak: Sultan of Sinema". A strange, pornographic scene from an adult film entitled The Hottest Show in Town showcases what is rumored to be Torben, though that is hard to know because no one can really confirm this rumor. Included in the package as well is The Blue Balloon, an erotic feature from 1973. Radio spots and trailers round out the special features on the disc.

So what more do I have to say to convince you to buy this film? If you are a fan of sleaze and you've been biting the bullet so many times on buying this. Then do it now because this is that one film you need in your collection. The special features on this disc alone make this the one blu-ray you must own. So what are you doing? GO BUY IT NOW!!!!!!

reviewed by Bucky

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