Where do we begin with this movie? Well let's start with the star of the movie and thats Oscar winner Nicolas Cage whose career has become that of a has-been great star and is now a B-movie go to for up and coming directors. Don't get me wrong I am a fan of Cage's because of films like Face/Off, Snake Eyes, 8MM and Raising Arizona. But its been the past few years that I've sat down and found it unbearable to watch some of the films he has chosen to star in.

Pay The Ghost is a movie about a college professor whose son is taken by a ghost and practically held hostage so to speak. After a year passes Cage's character has been searching for his son despite being blamed by his wife played by Sarah Wayne Callies, who is spiteful towards him and chooses not to listen to him when he comes to her with details about their son because he came to him from the other side. It's only after the son reaches out to his mother does she take him seriously and helps him in his investigation into why their son was abducted and the horrible story behind it all.

Now with any traditional supernatural horror movie you tend to have your typical ghost attacking people which barely happens til almost near end of the movie. The usual suspects of birds this film it being vultures, as creepy and scary as they can be. I found it hard that these birds could just fly around New York city and not be spotted. These are big ass birds that are flying around in circles and no one seems to care one bit that these things could swoop down and just take off with small children or animals or even attack normal sized adults.  Most of the creepy omnience of the film is saved for the final act as Cage's character goes through the other world to bring back his son. The scene is creepy and was well done. But its the film in general as it moves along with a jump and go pace that makes it a little hard to believe that this could be a supernatural film.

If I had to compare this film to anything it would have to be a twist of Mama meets Darkness Falls. The film is okay from a horror fans standpoint but its rather lame in some terms. I felt that the story of the film was just thrown out the window in the first few minutes of the film and then brought back towards the end when everything was just thrown together to make sense. Don't get me wrong there were parts of the film that were decent but its the pacing of the film that causes it to fall flat. I felt if it had a little bit longer of a run time it could've explained the background and basis of the film better rather than just trying to cram it down out throats. I also feel that Nicolas Cage needs to get a new agent and get better gigs because these straight to DVD, Blu-Ray or OnDemand flicks aren't making his star shine any brighter.

So if you are looking for that film to watch just to pass the time then this is that movie to watch. Yeah its only an hour and a half of your life you are going to toss away so why not just waste it on some Nicolas Cage bat shit crazy.....wait that's not this film. Damn. Um yeah this is definitely not that film but hey at least its not a 2 hour snooze fest.

reviewed by Bucky

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