Where do I begin with this film? Let’s face fact here it’s like it is the best or the greatest film that Tobe Hooper has made in his film career. But what we have here is what many will consider a cult classic if best that centers around a recluse whose own pet is his own method of disposing of the people that are around him. Arrow Films cleaning up of this film is decently done. Bringing back to life this grimy tale of death and well bat shit craziness that can only be seen in a Hooper film.
The film if you haven’t seen this thing yet takes us deep into the swamp lands. We are quickly introduced to a young Robert Englund who happeningly has the name of Buck! Whose night of guilty pleasure is cut short by the prostitute he paid for after he got a little too frisky for her britches.  When she is outted for not doing her job she is thrown out of her place of work and told to leave. She finds her way to the Starlight Hotel which is owned by the mentally disturbed land owner known as Judd who happens to have a pet alligator living right next door to the place. As you guess it he kills her because he’s never seen a naked woman before I am assuming and then more people show up and things fall apart as more people show up with police to look for this girl. All in all its just bat shit crazy in the bayou and people are becoming gator food.
Other than Englund being in this movie we get to see Marilyn Burns pop up again in another Hooper film. This time playing the role of a mother whose relationship with her husband isn’t all that sound.  But trauma happens as the gator eats the family dog right in front of their daughter and some time later old dad here decides to get his revenge by shooting at the gator but Judd prevents that from happening and dispatches of dead old dad with a scythe to the gut and then yup you guessed it…Gator Food! But this isn’t the last time someone will end up dead cause a few others end up in the belly of the gator at the hands of Judd. He even tries to get the gator to eat the little girl who escaped his grasp and hid under the house. But if you guessed old Judd’s reign of terror comes to an end at the mouth of his own gator.
Arrow Films doesn't skimp fans on the special features for this film as they include a few interviews with cast members of the film as well as a in depth look at Robert Englund's character Buck. As well as the documentaries and commentaries alone provide you with everything you need to know about this film. Including stories of the behind the scenes drama and troubled actors, it may be fair to say that the stories told are often more interesting than the film itself cause lets face fact look at who was in this film. But like I will say Eaten Alive isn't the greatest horror film and not Hooper's best film cause of his resume having films like Texas Chainsaw Massacre and Poltergeist on it. But this film allows fans to see how twisted and demented Hooper's mind can be.
SO do yourself a favor and check this movie out if you haven't if not then you can pass on it and just wait for whatever else Arrow Films will release in the coming months. And guess what I just realized I made a mistake because its not an alligator the whole time it was a crocodile. Dammit I knew I was going to mix that up again cause even when I watched the movie with the gang some said its CROCODILE, Bucky. Not Alligator.


reviewed by Bucky

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