When people think of werewolf movies they think of the creature coming out during a full moon and going on a rampage and killing everything in its sights. But what one doesn't expect is to be stuck in Canada with a cop that just happens to turn into a werewolf. That's right we got the chance to review the sequel to WolfCop.

Another WolfCop.

A riff on an Eddie Murphy/Nick Nolte sequel to the the 1982 hit 48 Hours, Another 48 Hours. Or thats what we assume cause what else can we derive from this horror-comedy. Anwyay Leo Fafard is back playing our favorite drunken at times donut eating Wolfman. Tearing up bad guys piece by piece and leaving us wondering what the hell did we just get done watching here? I mean its filled with everything from people getting their heads ripped off, strippers running around naked, some form a drug called Moondust, a bunch of Astron 6 appearances and well aliens.

Lowell Dean's sequel is a howling good time to be had by anyone. I mean if you saw the first one and loved it like we did its not that hard to get behind but then again if you never saw the first one and walked right into this one I bet you are wondering what the hell did I just watch here tonight but you were probably laughing your ass off as we did. But here's a taste of the film from our perspective....

Lowell's second venture into this world...we mean werewolf film. The town of Woodhaven has been given a breath of new life when Sydney Swallows (no pun intended) opens his brewery Darkstar Brewery that just so happens to bring along a hockey arena cause we know all Canadians love the sport. The cititzens love this brewery as they are so happy to chug down Swallow's newest brew the Chicken Milk Stout. Sounds weird but I am sure it probably tasted great. But like all movies something is always afoul and conspiracy theories begin. So Fafard and the newly appointed Chief played by Amy Matysio must go undercover to investigate.

Now you're asking we already know what's going to happen cause nothing ever goes right when main characters go undercover. Well that is true cause within the first few minutes of the flick we are met with...Yes. Someone getting their damn head ripped off. Aside from the blood raining down from the heavens and the fact that we get glorious amounts of nudity. The film itself comes off well done and hilarious at times that it makes it hard to watch when drinking. Sorry we had to give that away cause we were drinking stouts ourselves and well we just can't lie about that and we are off tract back on.

As fans of the horror genre we love films like this cause its a nice break from the serious overtones of films that try to take themselves too seriously and we are stuck sitting there for over two hours wondering why the only scare came that of a pigeon being thrown at an actor. Werewolf films especially are a near and dear to our hearts here and much love for this film cause it shows that practical work is much better than most CGI'd films. I mean a costume and make up can speak volumes over something a computer can screw up on screen.

So if you ask us what we thought of the film its one of those films that you must see but only if you want to. Cause I can see where this film is not for everyone but in the end for us it came off as a great film that can be watched with friends and having a few beers with. Hell its even one of those films that you can watch at midnight and then watch it again. So in the end we are sitting here left wondering...

Will there be a WolfCop 3???? Maybe Beverly Hills WolfCop???

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