When it comes to cheesy movies us here at Horror, Sci-fi & More, are always grateful that Wild Eye Releasing thinks of us and sends them to us. It doesn't matter what it could be horror, science fiction, found footage and well the completely bat shit crazy films they tend to churn out. The film I have the pleasure to review is The Amazing Bulk. Yes, they even venture into the superhero genre. The idea is seemingly lifted from the Incredible Hulk but let reassure you this is not in any way shape or form like the Hulk.

Hannah, an ambitious young woman and her father's company struggle to develop a super human serum designed to improve muscle mass and longevity. General Darwin, her father, refuses to let her live her own life and date who she wants. This creates problems in developing what he set out to accomplish and create. With the military on his side, Darwin sets out to destroy Dr. Kantlove and his men who seek to steal what he has created.

 Now I found it hard to take this film seriously because let's face its not filmed to be taken seriously at all. Filmed completely on green screen and possibly edited by someone's child using a video game as the background for mostly the entire film. Yes its like they took a camera and sat down in front of the computer and filmed themselves playing City of Champions. Don't get me wrong the film is hilarious because its not every day you can sit there and watch something where someone just okay'd almost everything they saw and never once said, "I think Ed Wood would've said this movie is shit." The actors of this film hopefully they were paid and not just given the notion hey at least you were in a movie because their acting is a little hard to believe happened let alone how they were castes in roles that they didn't seemingly fit.

The soundtrack takes music from 2001: A Space Odyssey, Apocalypse Now, Phantom of the Opera. Making me wish they had just illegally used some metal bands music so they could make this movie controversial. But you get what you get and remember the movie boasts a supposed 100k budget but looks like it was made for 50 bucks and the director was an 8th grader. I can't tell you how many times I had to stop and think to myself was that a leprechaun? A castle? Some guy shooting golf ? That's a huge purple ass!

As laughable as this movie is and as bad as it truly is I found it should've been shot as a short film and not expanded on like this. Because its bad and I can't stop saying that because it makes the Corman version of Fantastic Four seem like its an Oscar winning film. Now I've seen a lot of bad cheaply made superhero movies in my life and this one has to be the top of the if not the bottom of the barrel of badly made cheap superhero movies. Though it was a hoot to watch and caused a few moments where I was like I can't believe I am watching this. It does deserve to be seen and if you want to piss off your friends or just down right have a good time at their expense than this is your movie to do that but if you want do a drinking game involving this movie than yeah its that kind of movie as well. Trust me it caters to anyone who wants to do something.

But one thing boggles me...Why does he need a tornado to change into the Bulk????


reviewed by Bucky

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