When a director makes his directorial debut many wonder just how the film will come off as. Sometimes the movie can be good but easily picked apart or the movie could be bad in general. Others tend to go the easy route with a horror movie, maybe a zombie flick that way they can test the waters just to see how they can fare in the movie industry or just do a beating a dead horse kind of film ala found footage film. But for Tyler Shields he chose to go a different route all together and chose an action thriller about a girl whose family is dead and she becomes vigilante whose trained to kill  a certain group of guys who make killing a sport/game for themselves.

I for one enjoyed this film very much because its a good break from the normal horror and science fiction films we tend to review. I know Bobby tends to get most of the action flicks here but I had to do this one myself to break away from the norm. The film doesn't seem like it fits the modern era in which it is filmed but more in the 1950's era due to the outfits they wearm not one t-shirt, flannel or ripped up jeans in this flick. Suits and dresses. But its not the costumes they wore that made the film decent, nor was it the acting because some of the actors in the movie are a little stiff or aren't just too believeable. It was the story of the movie that fuels it, the act of revenge pushed onto another because for some reason our main male character is just too cowardly of sorts to do this himself. Abigail Breslin, whose good girl roles have crashed into the ground with the roles she has taken on lately. Most of them in the horror genre, including lately her role on Fox's "Scream Queens".

A man teaches a young woman how to become a complete weapon. Later she is approached by a group of sadistic teens who kill blonde women for unknown reasons. The hunting season begins.

Wes Bentley whose been seen lately floating around the American Horror Story world comes into this movie as a man whose broken but is seeking revenge so he takes our main female character Veronica (Abigail Breslin) at a young age because her parents have died under mysterious circumstances and tells her he is going to train and teach her things that will help her later on in life. Fast forward 12 years later and is a full blown assassin in the works now. She is told that for this one last job she can't use a gun and must take a drug that will cause her to hallucinate and face her greatest fear. All while this is going on the group of boys she is trained to kill are doing their normal routine game of killing blondes in the woods. A little chit chat with one of their girlfriends causes her to find out some things and she uses them to her advantage. When it comes time for the showdown in the woods she gives them the same drug that was given to her so they can face their greatest fears all while she seeks revenge.

Now the cast itself is okay not strong because its almost a whose who of the younger gen for this ear. Alexander Ludwig (Hunger Games,Lone Survivor), Cameron Bright (X-Men: Last Stand, Twilight Saga), Francesca Eastwood (Daughter of Clint Eastwood and Wife of Tyler Shields) and Logan Huffman. To me Huffman stole the spotlight of the cast here because his role was so bat shit crazy that he came off like a Joker type killer that used his personality as a way to con people into things and easily kill them. So this is where I tell you whether or not to go find this movie and I am going to tell you to find this movie and watch it. I know everyone has mixed feelings about Abigail Breslin because she's this wholesome sweetheart but this movie shatters that image and will prove to you that she can actually pull off being a future action star if she ever goes down that road again.


reviewed by Bucky

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