What I like about B-movies is that they are cheap, cheesy and often times better than a full scale Hollywood budgeted film. Full Moon Pictures has been around for a course of 30 years now and they have a vast catalog of films ranging from horror, science fiction and even exploitation. Back in the 80's they churned out good to bad B movies like they were nothing more than candy for a child. But I am not one to complain about this and I am sure my fellow HS&M member Bobby could atest for this. That Full Moon is the driving force behind my love for the B-Movie. Because let's face it was their eye popping and often time scary as all hell covers that drew me in and I had to get my hands on it.

One of the franchises that I've come to love is the Trancers franchise. Tim Thomerson plays Jack Deth a time traveling police trooper with a mission to hunt down Trancers who time travel to the past to take over their ancestors bodies. Now I've reviewed the first and second chapters of this franchise for Full Moon and was glad to take on the third part of the franchise when they asked if I'd be interested in doing this review.

With part 3 we see that Jack Deth has sunk to a new low has he is now advertising his new private investigation company which investigates....Cheating husbands! Sounds like that show Cheaters? Wait so that means that that stole this idea from Trancers or Full Moon? Nah that show is boring anyway. Back to the subject at matter Deth gives chase after a robber and is stopped by an alien who takes Deth back to the future!! Things aren't exactly peachy back in the future for Deth as he learns that the someone in the past has made an army of Trancers and the future is filled with these bad boys and by bad I mean they drug-fueled maniacs, hell-bent on kicking ass and tearing shit up. As you may guess they want Jack to do another jump back in time to the point where the Trancers army is starting to come its peak and he's all I need to reconnect with Helen Hunt. Ugh.

Trancers 3 is not exactly the best of the franchise and not that great of a movie but it does help further the storyline and helps push the Deth character into a new angle as well as giving Helen Hunt her chance to say goodbye to this franchise. The transfer to Blu-ray is excellent as the picture is crisper making the colors more brighter and capturing the work of the people behind the camera in perfect 1080 format and the sound is much more clearer as compared to the DVD version of the film I had and even to the fact that I even compared it to the ancient tech of the VHS tape that I have hidden beneath the halls of Horror, Sci-fi & More. The Blu-ray features a bevy of new and old material of special features that is sure to keep any Full Moon fan pleased.

I for one as a fan am very pleased with this release of Trancers 3 onto Blu-ray. I am recommending that if you are a fan of this franchise than to to just buy this release because it's transfer is beautifully done and it deserves to be seen in the highest definition possible. After this release all I can say is when are we going to get Trancers 4: Jack of Swords? Where Jack finds himself in a dimension where a new breed of trancers exist as does the midevial theme of swords and shields!!!!
reviewed by Bucky

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