Wer (2013)

Well this week has been a bitch and that meant I had no time to review anything but luckily I was able to sneak one movie into all of the chaos that's going on with the kiddies gearing up to go back to school which if anyone has figured out will free up ALOT of time for us to knock out movies left and right for you!!! Now when I come across certain movies they tend to be bad ones that I can find on either Netflix or Amazon Prime but lately they have been adding some pretty good stuff to watch and though I would of loved to waste my time watching Killer Klowns from Outer Space for the millionth time I wanted to watch something I never heard, so this film fell into my lap thanks to the internet and the fact that I had nothing better to do.
Now the movie deals with werewolves and over the past few years there has been so many attempts at the werewolf genre and they all have fallen flat with a few exceptions in between. They even attempted a Howling revamp with The Howling: Reborn and well if you guessed it. It wasn't that good and honestly they should have wasted their time on making something different than trying that abomination. I easily gave up on this subgenre during the Twilight era and watched as the supposed horror creatures of my childhood go from gnarling beasts to love stricken pansies. So I passed on almost any werewolf film for the past few years until I caught wind of this film by William Brent Bell. Bell is the director that brought us the 2012 found footage horror film The Devil Inside and though it wasn't too bad it was already chalked up with a few other films in a already considered dead horse genre with the found footage genre. It was in 2012 after the release of Devil Inside that Bell announced with his writing staff that they were working on a werewolf film.
Now the idea of the film was to make it like a faux documentary and sell it as a found footage film but that was dropped and kept only a faux documentary slash film. Now for the leading actress of the film Bell casted A.J. Cook, whose career does have a list of horror and science fiction films but she's most recognized for her role of "JJ" Jennifer Jareau on the CBS police/crime show Criminal Minds.
Now easily with a television star attached to any film some people will just simply assume that the film isn't probably gonna be that good and that's fairly understandable. And there has been big budget films that did this and failed miserably cause they casted tv stars in roles that they couldn't fill the shoes for. But if you make the film a low budget film and aim it for the shelves at your local Wal Mart then maybe you can fly under the radar until someone picks it and goes why the hell not.
Well the story goes as Cook's character Kate a defense attorney is called to defend a man whose comes off creepy yet a gentle giant whose being blamed for the murder of a father and son who were vacationing in the woods with their family. The murders are brutal to say the least and animalistic as you are shown what the creature does before we are introduced to Kate, her friend Gavin a supposed former lover and whose a scientist slash doctor whose belief is that after running a blood test that the man she's defending could easily be the creature that killed the family in the woods.
We are also introduced to Klaus (Sebastian Roche') a cop who wants answers for the the family that was murdered in the woods. During the interview process they can't get anything from the man now known as Talan Gwynek a man who from the people who know his family is cursed and is considered a werewolf. But this isn't believed cause in these films no one tries to think that there is a possibility that werewolves do exist but its after he escapes from his prison cell and runs amok in Paris that it becomes clear that he is what everyone says he is, a werewolf. The film has a good twist and comes off with an Underworld minus the vampires vibe to it.
Now like I said before it has been years since I sat down and watched a werewolf film. Now many would say that I probably saw the last Underworld film which is true but to me that's a vampire movie and the werewolves in that film played second fiddle to the vamps. Now with this film William Brent Bell in  my book redeemed himself after The Devil Inside fell short to me. He made a genre that was dying and was nearly in the ground and he thrusted his hands into the muck and brought back into the glowing grace of the full moon and gave us werewolf fans a film that's truly deserving of why the hell didn't this at least make a few rounds in any festival. I say if you can find this movie and you have the time tonight or this holiday weekend that you give this film a watch. Take it from me its truly worth your time and it will not disappoint. 

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