Well we survived the Blizzard of 2016 and are right back to work here at the main base of Horror, Sci-fi & More and with that comes a few reviews hopefully before the next storm hits. Over the weekend I was stuck wondering what I could watch and what I couldn't watch. Surely couldn't throw in a blood soaked and guts infested horror movie with the kiddies around so I figured why not toss in this movie called 'Painkillers".

Painkillers is the type of movie that I would consider a mind bender type film. One that feels like its a puzzle of sorts and you the viewer are on the ride to watch the cast try to piece it back together. But with most of these films the moment when you yourself feels or thinks they have figured out whats going on. The filmmaker takes it and smashes it back into the many pieces you saw before and leaving you wondering what the hell is really going on here.The film follows main character Major John Cafferty, whose team he leads into Afghanistan on a mission that we are led to believe is to search for an enemy insurgent but the twists and turns the movie goes on leads you to believe that they were in search of something far more dangerous.

"Led by Major John Cafferty, a squad of US soldiers are sent on a mission,deep into the mountainous regions of Afghanistan with orders to extract a mysterious top secret package."

Now with that synopsis you have to wonder is this your run of the mill military action film that just so happens to collide with the science fiction world? Well yes it does because lets face it the most common thing today is watching this happen. I for one don't mind this sub-genre because every now and then you tend to get one good movie in the midst of a bunch of crap. Like lets face it the film opens and then bam they are back home, no memory of what happened or what's going on around them. They even have no clue who they even are. Over time they begin to recall the events that happened like ghostly like apparitions appearing to them, luring some of the group members to their deaths and a powerful electromagnetic energy that's coming from an unknown power source.

This film has the intrigue that its going to be good but after the first hour you're wondering just what happened with this film. So many twists and turns in the second half makes you lose interest because you want to know what happened. What truly happened and they continue to play with you until the very end and by that time you're done. You've given up and moved on or if you were like me intrigued because you want to know the truth to the film. You sit there and watch with the hope and intent that it ends on a good note. I'll be the first to say I was not happy with the ending to this film, I felt let down and felt like the director just wanted to end it because they lost track of their film and to save face just rush it to the end and roll credits.

Now I liked this film up and until the second half where I felt like they derailed the train and never got it back on track. So I would give this film a small recommendation to be seen because if you're a fan of films that go off track and never get back on then this is the movie you will want to watch. I will probably watch this movie again if I feel the need to make the crew watch it with me. Trust me when I say this we've tortured one another before with movies like this just to see the others squirm. So have a go at it if you want but if you choose not to then trust me you're not missing anything with this movie.            
reviewed by Bucky

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