We here at Horror, Sci-fi and More strive to do things that we normally don't do because we either try to better ourselves or just take on a task that pretty much shows we are capable of doing whatever the job entails. Today we cross our MORE bridge with the review of Alex de Renzy's 1978 porno-comedy "Pretty Peaches". I'll be first to say that this is a film that I have never seen or heard of til Vinegar Syndrome released it. When I comes to films like this my curiosity is drawn to it and I have to see it. Trust me this happened once before with a film called "Gums" a Jaws-themed porno. Let's just say when I heard that my brain was like shark porn. Not exactly what I was thinking but at the time what the hell I was already there watching the movie so let's get into this bad boy.

 Now I will admit I did a little research on this film and learned that this film alone took Desiree Cousteau from little known Georgia resident and made her a star in the porn industry and also made de Renzy's career took off even more thanks to this film which also saw two sequels made but those sequels didn't have Cousteau in them. Now the film itself was originally altered or censored for home video a little shocking due to the fact that once on home video its your to keep but apparently the company that owned the rights at the time that being VCA heavily editted the film's content cutting out certain scenes. One including the famous scene where Cousteau gets colognac by a very weird doctor in a public restroom.

 Now the main focus of the movie is based around Cousteau who plays the ditzy Peaches whose on her way to Texas to see her father get married to his all too often horny girlfriend. But when she accidentally crashes her Jeep and knocks herself out she is discovered by two guys who well one of them takes advantage of her unconscious state and practically rapes her. Now this wad the 70's and that stuff probably happened every so often but anyway they take advantage of her amnesia she suffers from and allow her to move in with them and soon her blundering ways find her crossing paths  with a doctor, a strip club filled with women who are completely nuts and out of control, and a pyschiatrist whose looking for sex and ends with everyone's favorite for any porno that being a orgy with the oiled up bodies of everyone involved at a party. Trust me baby oil was big innthe 70's and this scene is filled to the brim BABY OIL!!!!

 I've seen plenty of porno's frommthe 70's and 80's to notice that some of those films had better storylines compared to what was thrown at us during the 90's and beyond. Trust me  some of that stuff was boring and makes almost every porno from that later years that much better. This film a nice blend of porn and comedy made this film enjoyable and laughable. For its first ever US release being uncut thanks to Vinegar Syndrome being released on both blu-ray and DVD both are perfectly transferred and the HD is crisp and has the colors are perfectly popping and vibrant. The extras include trailers for Alex deRenzy films Pretty Peaches 2, Femmes de Sade and Baby Face 2. Also included is the only known interview of deRenzy shot on film due to his untimely death from a fatal stroke and diabetic attack, as well as an interview with Dr. Ted Mcilvenna.

 Films like this kind of make me wish I was around back then to see just what the whole big deal was sitting in a seedy theater watching porno's at any time of the day. Floors were probably sticky and it wouldn't make the ideal place to take a date but with some of the titles that ventured through those places makes me wonder just how they were on the big screens. I'm sure I'd hear the moaning and groaning behind me somewhere in the theater cause I am sure that's the stuff that went on back then and the movie itself would've been ruined but I guess in a sick and twisted way that's the way one must've been able to enjoy a film like this back then and that's just not caring about what's going on around them and just focusing on whose getting plowed on the screen. Til next time guys!!!!
You can pick this film up and various other titles thanks to Vinegar Syndrome by simply clicking on the image above to be taken to their store where you can purchase this film and its sequels as well!!!

              PRETTY PEACHES (Alex de Renzy, 1978) (NSFW) from Spectacle Theater on Vimeo.

reviewed by Bucky

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