Each year horror fans are left wondering what will Hollywood throw at us next. What original film is going to be remade badly that will bring out the tears and anger of all horror movie fans around the world. Begging the dreaded question is there an original idea even left in Hollywood? Well sometimes you have to just step back and look in the other direction for..well better horror movies.
Sometimes you have to fuck it and walk away from the bid budget, cgi'd films that hold little to no horror because whose going to be scared of the same ghost you saw in the last twenty horror movies. Even found footage has become stale and left the horror world pretty much hanging itself in their closet, making it more scarier than finding that chick from The Ring whose face is contorted because of the fear she saw before her. But there is hope.

Independent horror movies are the future. Yes, I say that because this medium is where you can find the best horror movies being made. Yeah the budget is smaller but let's face it back in the hay days of horror there was never really a HUGE budget to make these films and that's what made that horror movie great. You don't need a lot of money to create scares. Hell all you need is a camera, a bucket of blood and a few friends to make this dream a reality. The indie scene for horror movies especially this year alone has harbored some great films and we are only half way through 2015 and who knows what else is going to thrown at us. I've had the pleasure of talking to director P.J. Starks and from his words that this film is a treasure and I will say that this film is exactly what it is. Golden treasure. So I want to personally thank P.J. for allowing me this chance to review his film though its late and I apologized for it constantly. SO again P.J. Thank you for this chance.

Volumes of Blood is a anthology film, for those who don't know this sub-genre a anthology film is a series of short story films pieced together to tell tales of different horrors and terrors. Similar to films like Tales from the Crypt, Creepshow and Vault of Horror. Volumes of Blood is directed by 5 different directors each with their own unique take on a supposed urban legends brought forth by four students who are thinking of ways to possibly spread their own urban legend over their college campus. They each take turns telling their own version of a urban legend on a subject they think will hold the most impact to secure them their place in history. I will say this before I go into details on the stories but I will truly say that I thought the library was a place for reading. Boy was I wrong.

The first story follows a young lady as she tries to avoid distractions by pulling an all-night at the local library but seemingly has trouble keeping herself awake. In walks a man whose sole purpose is to push this new version of an energy drink onto her as a way to make her believe if she drinks this new drink that she will not only stay awake but won't suffer any side effects. This story becomes a curiosity kills the cat style story and she drinks the energy drink only to discover that she may of made the biggest mistake of her life. All leading to a gory and explosive ending that should leave gore fans hungry for more.

The second story tells the tale of a young man whose working his shift at the library and discovers a mysterious book that he just assumes is one of their's and places it on the shelf. But through out his day he soon discovers the book in various other spots from where he originally left and laying on the ground. Over time and finally figuring things out he soon discover the book has supernatural powers and he comes face to face with the entity that's been haunting him through out his shift.

The third story finds a woman studying in the library but is soon tormented by her douchebag of a boyfriend who'd rather cause her grief and embarrassment for the sake to just hear himself talk. But it is after he leaves that something else is lurking in the dark of the library and sets its eyes on her. She is forced to fight for her life against the monster that lurks in the darkness and after fighting back she soon discovers that not everything is what it seemingly appears to be and that the monster is truly not what she thought it was!

The fourth and final story tells the story of a young woman whose tormented by a tragedy that she feels she caused and wishes that she could take it all back. She finds a book that is said to offer her that one wish and if kissed will fulfill it. As she is told to just leave all well enough alone and let it go. She makes the mistake of wishing for love and in the end she is tormented by the very thing she felt would love her in return but comes back to deliver its own version of justice against her.

Now the film wraps as the four students recollect on what they discussed and then one makes the ultimate decision of making his legend come true by bathing it in the others blood but it soon turns out that this film is not exactly what we thought. Now this is where I will leave it for you the reader because I want you to find this film and I want you to watch it. Because Volumes of Blood to me is one of the best horror movies out there for 2015. It has the right cast to make the movie move along perfectly because if this film didn't have this cast I will have to say that I feel the movie would've moved along at a snails pace and  I would've just tossed this film into the pile of rejects.

The film is filled with the right amount of gore and horror to satisfy the taste buds of any horror movie junkie. Though each story has its own unique twist on its subject its kill scenes aren't that original but they do deliver on the violence. That right in your face violence that makes you wanting more and more. Especially the last few kills at the end of the movie though hilarious in some form or fashion they delivered enough of an impact for me to sit on my couch cheering for more. I am sitting here typing this right now and all I can think about is those scenes and how I wish there was a few more so the smile on my face could be that much bigger. So like I said before when this film becomes available I urge you to get your hands on it and watch it. I can tell you right now that after today this film is getting put up for a movie night with the gang here. Yes its that good because normally movie night we vote but for this film I am waving that rule for one night because this is a film that truly deserves the time to be watched by all.

Damn before I forget because you can save the best for last but one of the writers on this film is Nathan Thomas Milliner. Yes the man responsible for all those sweet ass horror movie cover slips for all those Scream Factory releases had his hand in this blood filled cookie jar of awesomeness.

reviewed by Bucky

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