JULIA (2014)

Upon receiving this movie I originally thought this wasn't going to be a film that would fit any of the genres we cover. But upon further investigation which means we watched it. It quickly became apparent this film was meant to be reviewed by us. Who doesn't like a good rape revenge film? I know I do because a few of my favorites are classics like I spit on Your Grave, Ms. 45, Last House on the Left and the most recent one American Mary. Now if I wanted to say any of these films if they were to ever cross breed the movie being reviewed here in the genetic offspring of these films.

 After surviving being drugged, raped and left for dead next to a river, a doctor's nurse Julia Shames becomes despondent in life due to the event decides to sign up for a radical therapy session performed by a powerful doctor. She soon begins her training process of overcoming the fear of the rape and how to seduce men to catch them off guard to learn how she could easily kill them when the time presents itself to her. But the catch is simple though she can take her revenge against the male species she is not allowed to go after the men who raped her and left her for dead. This soon becomes apparent as she becomes empowered and lost as she seeks the true revenge she wants.

 The movie tells a story of a woman whose lost everything she felt she held dear to her because of the rape and over the course of the film she goes from the shy, quiet woman to the badass, empowered woman who wants her revenge. Written and directed by Matthew A. Brown, we see that he went to great lengths to not only pull off a decent film but put a place marker in the genre itself. His story alone takes our main character from being a shy, frail woman and turns her into a more sexualized killing machine. Its simple her new life takes her to places she's never been before but the life soon takes her too far and the moment she gets her taste for blood it becomes apparently clear she wants more and will do anything to quench that need.

 Overall Julia is a very well shot film that has a score that runs perfectly with the film and solid performances from the cast. The main character Julia much like her actress Ashley C. Williams is hot and makes it that much more intense to watch as she becomes unhinged as the film progresses on and on delving her deeper into her own desires for revenge.  Does it compare to the classics of the past? Yes and no. They aren't on the same level because this film itself goes to the lengths of showing the torture while as the ones of the past just showed the revenge. Will I recommend this movie when it becomes available? Yes. If you're a fan of this genre then this film is right up your alley but if you just need to watch a movie for the hell of it then again this film is that film.


reviewed by Bucky

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