Trophy Heads (2014)
Summary: It's the present day, and our heroines, real life Scream Queens who starred in those infamous movies back in the 80's and 90's, have gone on with their lives since those days, some still acting or in new businesses of their own. What none of them suspect is that somewhere, down in the basement of an old house, an obsessed fan, Max, sits in the dark, watching clips from those movies over and over, his obsession growing into a diabolical plan. One by one, with his mother's help, he begins to "collect" them, transporting them to a makeshift prison he's set up in his basement. The Scream Queens have no idea what's going on, until they find themselves forced to reenact movie scenes from their horror heyday, a nightmarish process since Max remembers every line and gesture and they haven't watched them in years. And they definitely don't remember the new and terrible outcome of the scenes...

I am a bit uneasy about the “message” that could be taken from this movie. I remember back before the days of social media and conventions when I was unaware that there were more people like me in the world who were obsessed with horror movies. Of course, my obsession always drew some weird looks. Hell, I still draw some of those looks today. But people couldn't quite understand my infatuation with the macabre. And there were always that select group of people that thought my obsession was just an early warning sign of a budding psychopath waiting to be set free. Luckily for them, I was born with the ability to tell right from wrong so I never developed into what they seemed to think I would. Hopefully I'm not the only one who grew up going through this. Anyway, Trophy Heads is basically a depiction of what people thought I would become. A loser who lives in his mom's basement watching horror movies until one day that line between fantasy and reality snaps and that hidden psychopath escapes.
That being said, I absolutely loved this movie. It does bring me back a little bit; before DVD, OnDemand, Netflix, Hulu, RedBox, etc... Max lives in his mom's basement and spends his time watching horror movies... on VHS!!! And he watches the same movies so much that it is ruining the film. I've taken out quite a few movies in my time in this same fashion, I'm sure some of you have as well. Max's realization that his movie collection is dying, he decides to remake the movies, with the original actress, and a different ending. Once the movie is done and the actress has been killed, he stuffs their head and mounts it on his wall.  

This movie dug up some of the classic B-movie scream queens of the 80's. Darcy DeMoss, Brinke Stevens, Michelle Bauer, Denice Duff, Jacqueline Lovell, and Linnea Quigley. Some of them have stuck to acting and are trying to keep their careers going. Others have given up the limelight and are trying their hands at other things. That is until one by one they are kidnapped and forced to redo their movie. 
With just the 6 actresses I mentioned, you can guess exactly what kind of movie this is. It's B-movie at it's best. The acting may not be Oscar worthy but it was great for what it was. The screams queens basically played themselves so there roles were relatively easy. The roles of Max (Adam Noble Roberts) and his mother (Maria Olsen) were phenomenal. The concept was an awesomely original way to make this movie.
If you are a fan of B-Horror Movies; or to make it easier for anyone who was a fan of any of the movies that these scream queens have been in, than this movie a must. I don't care how you get it; but find a way to check this movie out. At the very least, check it once so you can see Max and get an idea of who we were SUPPOSE to be. Luckily, the DVD won't get worn done like Max's VHS copies did.

reviewed by Bobby

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