Today's society is practically thriving on what comic book will be made into a movie next. Let's face Marvel Studio's has cornered this market with Disney backing them for a while now, making DC and the WB bunker down and pray for a miracle in 2016. But in between these two giants constantly clashing over whose ruling the big screen or the television world there lies that small independent world of comics that often or not don't get too recognized but will throw a curve ball every now and then. The Scribbler is in fact based off a graphic novel of the same name. Like every comic book movie brought to life you can feel this film come to life right off the pages.

 The Scribbler follows Suki, a woman whose fight isn't with society but within herself as she struggles with an identity disorder. I won't beat around the bush here and play the its this person or that person's. She's crazy, borderline batshit crazy. She lives ina halfway hotel thats checked on from time to time by a doctor whose method is to use this halfway house as a way to rehab the patient and then re-introduce them back into society but as you watch this film this method doesn't really seem to pay off in this story. Suki isn't alone in this house as we come across a handful of colorful and just as crazy characters. Things get ramped up when a machine is made and turns the people who use it into their deepest inner identity.

 The feel of this movie comes off how Gotham would look like if Gotham had no Batman. Granted Suki is played by a current DC show castee that being Katie Cassidy from Arrow. Now her work on the show now makes this pale in comparison to this film. She brings to life Suki's dark side very well in the film and though she is a bit of a crybaby on Arrow she's completely bad ass here. I guess a change in character and being crazy can change my opinion of an actress. Gina Gershon, Billy Campbell, Eliza Dushku, Garrett Dillahunt, Michelle Trachtenberg, Michael Imperioli and Sasha Grey round out the rest of the cast that can be easily picked out because of their involvement in various other genre related films but make up for Dushku was perfect because I had to struggle whether or not it was her.

 The Scribbler has its moments of feeling like a horror movie then coming off like a science fiction thriller but its mainly and will always be an entertaining comic book movie. This film to me is very well done and though its been panned by a few other critics which is common practice because theres somethings that people don't like. To me this film was entertaining yet the ending to me could've been better like taking the character into a different direction instead of the normal Uncle Ben speech, "With great power comes great responsibility." Yeah I used Spider-Man as a reference but trust me when you see this film and get to the ending you'll see the reference if you could envision it being Spider-Man in Gotham. Man I need to find something else to watch today.


reviewed by Bucky

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