THE STUFF (1985)

Today's horror society is biting tooth and nail as they try to debate on which film is going to break their wallet when it comes to it being released on Blu-ray. I for one am one of those people who clamor at the chance to get my hands on certain films that are being released to blu-ray the moment its announced. It's not the fact that some of these films are bad, good or just plain cheesy. It's because after waiting so long for a DVD to become cheap on the market its better when its released to Blu-ray because its now vastly avaialable to us the general public. Some companies tend to release the same films they already released on DVD so its a familiar copy but there are those that take the source from the film's original 35mm print.

The Stuff is one of those 80's horror films that are such a cult classic that every fan pretty much has more than one copy of this film on pretty much every format it has ever been released on. I have it from  VHS to DVD to now Blu-ray. It is one of the most exciting films from my childhood that I literally got giddy as a little kid when Arrow Video asked me to review it for them.

Everyone who knows this film knows that this is a film about a new dessert that has hit the shelves of every supermarket around the world and it has become the biggest new craving that everyone whose had their taste of it practically killing for it. A few people have become aware of whats going on with this new dessert that they've been attacked over it by their own loved ones or even the family dog. A child named Jason takes matters into his own hands after witnessing first hand the Stuff's evil intentions and teams up with a few other people to help bring down the company that's using the contents of the new deadly dish as a way to take over the world.

Like I said before this film brings back so many memories for me as a kid watching this weird ass horror movie. But its Arrow Video's attention to detail that makes this release an excellent release. The sound is crisp and taken from its English LPCM mono track. It makes dialogue, sound effects and even the score of the film sound much better. Picture wise the film is great, Arrow Video paid alot of attention to this release and the colors seen natural and right. Special features has a trailer commentary from Darren Bousman giving his opinion on the film from his Trailers from Hell appearance, Can't Get Enough of the Stuff documentary which features Larry Cohen and various other people who worked on the film with him, the original trailer and reversible artwork for the case.

Like I said this is a great release done by Arrow Video and its a nice upgrade from the DVD I bought so many years ago from Anchor Bay. So its going to be easy to say that this is a must own on blu-ray and fans should really look into buying this for their collection.
reviewed by Bucky

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