They Will Outlive Us All

The film takes place in the then near future of 2016 New York City, but this is different timeline that has been wracked with super-storm's (the first one being Sandy) due to climate change.  Life has tried to carry on as normal as possible but the repeated hammering of storms has left New York City’s infrastructure massively disrupted. EMS is taxed to its breaking point and basically won’t attend most problems. There is a curfew in effect, due to blackouts which are common. Water supplies are also spotty, it is being said that tap water is again safe to drink but to roommates and our main antagonists Margot and Daniel it smells kind of funny so they decide to stick to bottled water. Which of course is a good thing. Because something in the water is causing things to happen including people who drink it get sick after they get sick they appear to turn into slow moving, not particularly aggressive zombies than finally after a bit of wandering around as a zombie a giant cockroach (for those who play any of the Fallout series think about the size of a radroach) crawls out of their mouth and they drop down dead.

Margot and Daniel discover this in a very short time and then spend the rest of the day barricading themselves into their not so appeasing apartment and fighting a pair of giant cockroaches. They eventually succeed in killing one and trapping the other one in their toilet. Which we all know is destined to end bad (if you haven’t seen Dreamcatcher watch it and you will understand).

As to celebrate and escape the horrors of reality they spend the rest of the day drinking and smoking themselves into unconsciousness. Margot awakes in the middle of the night, still in a daze from the celebration she makes her way to the bathroom and passes out on the toilet. Of course the monstrous cockroaches escapes its prison and somehow crawls up inside poor Margot. I was left to assume in was through poor Margot’s butt. Margot than in a lengthy scene (which isn’t for everyone) vomits up the cockroach Margot and Daniel go on to kill the cockroach. After getting washed up the two head out to face the elements and a New York City now over run by zombies.

Now I am sure you are saying, “Man this guy really left a lot out.” But I assure you I did not. The film lacked much plot which total about 30 minutes of the 73 minute running time. That being said the points in the film that deal with the plot were good. The acting wasn’t over the top oscar worthy, but not the worst I have seen.

In closing the film left me feeling like the spent my afternoon hanging out and catching up with friend from High School. The reason is a bulk of the film is just that of Margot and Daniel hanging out. The camera work uses very limited amount of angles. If you’re looking for something to put on in the background at a Halloween Party or post convention party, this is that movie. It has a few moments that are good but most of the film is lack luster at best. The attempts at humor fell short for me and were kind of stale. 

reviewed by Shawn

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