The Toxic Avenger: Part II (1989)
    When I sat down to write this review, my first thought was, “What can I say about this film that hasn’t been said?” Than I thought let Toxie aka Melvin say it for me "At first I found it hard to believe that my father was Japanese, and that I was part-Japanese. But that would explain why I've always had these strange, non-American urges to work very hard, save money, and live without credit cards." Well the reason for this review is the film has been re-released on blu-ray. That’s right Melvin is back on blu-ray going to Tokyo, Japan!
    The movie picks up 5 years after the first film, Tromaville has been rid of all the evil that once plagued it, and its citizens are free to enjoy the simple pleasures in life (like dancing in the streets). This has left The First Superhero from New Jersey in a tough spot. Apocalypse INC drops off a bomb at the home of the blind where Melvin is working, killing most of the blind people. Of course our hero isn’t hurt by the explosion and rises from the rubble. He begins the revenge killings almost immediately. The film loses some steam during the trip to Japan, where they use fish as a weapon substitute for everything from a sword to nun-chucks. They even work in a sumo wrestler scene. The film does pick back up some steam when they return to New Jersey.
If you are picking up the blu-ray to add to your collection cause the HD age has ruined SD like myself you will be pleasantly surprised with what they have done. But unlike most 80's b-movies, while the deaths are campy and the gore is over the top and very rewarding. But the film being re-mastered for the HD age does give it a new feel.  I have always been a fan of how cult classic the
series has become. The sound quality is defiantly improved for the blu-ray as well.
    For me the biggest drawback to the film is where the first movie is semi-serious, it had a serious vicious mean streak and some comedy intertwined. While this film is full of gore and nudity, I always viewed this film as the most juvenile of the series. The first film was full of the satire that Kaufman was aiming for this film draws short on this. At one point even going as far as turning a thug into a basketball and dunking him, or parasailing to Tokyo, Japan.
In all the Blu-ray is spot on and worth the money you're looking to spend on it. All I can say is I am waiting for Part 3 to hit Blu-ray that way I can have the original trilogy on Blu-ray.
reviewed by Shawn


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