Back at it again with a double porno pleaser this weekend and its another release from the Impulse Pictures label. This time around it's a flick called "The Little Blue Box" the second to last film from Arlo Schiffin whose real name Don Walters to keep it under wraps while he delved into the porn industry to make some money on the side. Walters would make 9 films under this name before moving into a producer role through the 80's. Impulse Pictures has brought "The Little Blue Box" out of obscurity and into the light of modern day onto DVD so let's dig into this bad boy that seemingly predicted various things that we have today in the forms of various electronics.


John (John Leslie), a faithful husband and “writer with imagination,” is disappointed with his wife (Jennifer Welles, in one of two roles). She works all the time and is very frigid in the sack, leaving him wanting more with his sex life.
One day, a woman (“Ms. Azure,” also played by Jennifer Welles) knocks on John’s door and tries to sell him a “Little Blue Box.” This box is an adult home-movie system that can show him anything his heart desires. While his wife is away at work, John and Ms. Azure sample the box’s capabilities and each other! The permanent pleasures of this new technology do come with a price, however, and Ms. Azure wants to make a sale… and John purchasing the box is the ONLY way he’ll be able to finally unlock the mystery of “Channel 69”!

That has to be the longest synopsis I have seen for a film!!! But than again it is a late 70's porno and what did I expect going into a film that I thought when it started was going to be a shitty, horrible hand held camera experience but once things got settled the film was pretty much decent. The science fiction element in any porno flick is actually a daring one in my opinion because you have to be able to spread out the story-line amongst doing the sex scenes to keep a viewers attention because some people are just weird like that. A missing plot point or a meaningless story makes the viewer antsy and they will walk away from the film. Little Blue Box holds the viewers attention through out the film. 

Impulse's transfer for this film is similar to Sex Roulette's transfer. A decent one that could've found its way onto blu-ray but its just as good on DVD. The same elements from the previous film reviewed are also here with that grindhouse feeling of hissing, popping sounds, the burn marks for reel switching and even the scratches. Now the film's cover art is similar to another company's releasing of a different film (Sex World). It is a great looking cover and its very well done alot better than what they normally do for covers for any of the other releases I see in their catalog. 

Now the film has many scenes of sex filled acts that will make any fan here plaster their walls with new artwork. The main element of surprise is the fact the titular thing in the movie known as the blue box is in fact a television that can alter the channels it is showing into sex filled mayhem. Trust me when I say they are filling the entire movie with sex this film is actually spilling over the levees here and its all sticky and hot. Enough for any of you to go, OH MY GOD!!! My only thing about this is if you watch I hope you take care of whatever you are going to be doing in the privacy of you home and don't hurt yourself of someone else in the process.

In the end of all Little Blue Box features a great cast of veterans in the porn industry, a fantastic and fun story-line that's sure to entertain almost everyone and it's a flick that most porn collectors can add to their classic files. This movie has it all and I can't begin to tell you here that this was an interesting one to say the least and I am a little shocked that I watched an entire erotic film like it was a movie and didn't think once of spanking it. Wait ignore that I Said that. Infact just skip this part and go buy the movie.

reviewed by Bucky

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