The joys of going to the movies can be one of peace where you can have the theater to yourself or one where you wish you just waited til a weekday to go see a movie because today's society is concerned with what happened to someone else other then themselves or Facebook by opening their phones with a blinding light because lets face you have to see what someone posted in a light brighter than the sun. But I was lucky enough to have ventured out on a day with my mini-me in tow as she's becoming just as much a geek as her father to see this movie where there was just a few people.

 Now I will admit when I first heard they were going to be making a new Mad Max my intial thought was well Mel is just too old and there's just no way of doing it without him.
Boy, was I wrong! Tom Hardy breathed new life into an aging character whose name hasn't graced a big screen for over 30 years. Though sikent throughout the film Hardy's actions as Max showed that you don't need to say much to prove that this movie is going to be an octane fueld drive through hell and back while carrying a fist loaded with enough firey explosion to satisfy any action movie fan out there. Fury Road is so action packed that if you blinked there was a good chance you missed something. Miller's vision of what the future holds or could be only rings true by how the world is today. He captures how society would dissolve into factions and dictatorships would become the norm again as the world is no longer ran by governments but by insane men who care only about what they can provide at a price that is merely a trade offer. Fuel for breast milk? Yes, its odd but let it sink in that this is what the future could one day break down into as we trade away the very nuturing food that our children need for fuel that will power our vehicles or generators.

 Mad Max: Fury Road follows Max after he's been captured and held prisoner becoming a blood bag of sorts for Nicolas Hoult's character Nux whose impatience of wanting to impress Immortan Joe causes him to strap Max to the front of his twisted metal version of a car and drive after Furiosa whose betrayal and theft of the maidens of Joe has caused her to become public enemy number one. Its during the chase that all hell breaks loose during a sand storm and Max is able to get free and onto the same truck with Furiosa. Confusion and untrust as two dominant characters come face to face both with different agendas and become partners whose sole purpose is to keep the maidens safe long enough to find a way to take back what is meant for the people of the wastelands.

 Like I said before Hardy's portrayal of Max breathes new life into the films franchise some what washing that taste of Beyond Thunderdome out of your mouth. Yes, I know most fans either like or love that film but lets face fact Beyond Thunderdome left us wondering what happened next and we never got told. Don't get me wrong Tina Turner sang a mean ass song for that film and played a muke villain. It took 30 years for this film to be made and the fact that there was no recollected flashbacks to any of the three prior films only makes one fan wonder. Was this the same Max from those films or could this have been a different Max? Or possibly could this have been a character from the films past taking over for the fallen idol that saved his life? Only George Miller knows and I doubt he will ever tell us but for me the film is what an action is meant to be. In your face, down your throat and bursting out of you action. Non-stop and simply pulse pounding as its meant to be. Maybe we will get some answers in the sequel that will follow this film, maybe we won't.

 I for one am definitely happy with the end result as the rest of the crew here has followed suit and saw the film for themselves. Each with the same answer. They were thrilled and left in awe as they just witnessed the throwback action they saw in Mad Max 2 brought back and upped to the next level. So if you haven't seen this film yet or have been told that this film is just a action junkie's wet dream then do yourself a favor and get off your ass and go see this film before it disappears til its blu-ray release. Trust us its well worth that 10 to 15 buck ticket you will spend on it. Trust us. Its a lovely day to go see it!!!

reviewed by Bucky

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