The gang here tends to hold movie nights here and there to watch certain films together so that we can all have that feeling of well this movie was good or this movie was bad. Things that can be picked apart or praised. The movie in question for this review is The Final Girls. A comedic look at the slasher genre all while still being and playing off of the traditional slasher elements in the film. 


Max, recently orphaned, goes to see a screening of a B-horror movie that her mother made 20 years earlier. When Max and her friends find themselves in the world of the film itself, they must apply their knowledge of horror tropes to survive.

The film itself is completely awesome because its making fun of every horror fans favorite genre and thats the slasher genre. The feel that this film could've easily been a Friday the 13th or The Burning film is totally there. But it the fact that its a comedy that makes it that much better. I for one don't mind spoofs or parodies of horror films being made because its a nice take on the genre and often makes it better than dull horror movie. There's no need for sex, naked chicks or blood soaked boobs to make this movie any better because I felt that if that was the case the film would've suffered.

The film follows our main character Max as she deals with the evident death of her cult icon star mother. She is talked into going to a film fest that features her mother in one of the films and tragedy ensues at this event and she is thrown into the movie world with a few friends and they must figure out how they can get out of this nightmare and possibly even survive it. What follows is tough decisions and choices that determine how the movie ends. A flashback to the origin of the films killer gives some details and allows the cast to try a way to end it all but what happens it down right comedic and needs to be seen.

Chalked full of those 80's references that shows us now that back then there was literally no filter as to what was being said, done and referenced. I mean back in the 80's sex flowed like water and it meant that if you gave it up during a slasher flick you were bound to meet your maker a few minutes later and you were never bound to make it to the final scene of the film. Even the soundtrack of the film is slathered in the 80's as we got a mix of Kim Carnes, Warrant, Bananarama and even Wang Chung.  I found this as way to tug at my heart strings as a kid growing up in the 80's and watching first hand the films of that era it made me smile as an adult because the references were spot on and it made me laugh out loud.

So this is where I tell you what I think. The film opens up like any movie that makes you wonder if this film is going to be crap and a disappointment. But right after its huge shocking moment in the beginning and evident thrust into the movie world that easily could a similar angle like Last Action Hero did. The film lands on its feet and starts running out the gate, leaving you wanting more and more. The film is very well done and deserves to be seen because its a clear nod to the 80's slasher film and though it pokes fun at it you have to understand that back then they had to figure that later on life this is what was going to happen when the references were going to caught onto. So do yourself a favor and go grab this film and have fun with it. I'm going to go now and listen to "Betty Davis Eyes" or "Cruel Summer" now til I get sick of them.
reviewed by Bucky

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