SNUFF 102 (2007)

The film being reviewed today is a movie thats definitely not for everyone. The extreme content in this film is nothing new to today's society as we are given practically snuff filmed footage everyday on the internet or even our own news channels as they use this stuff to boost ratings or to help turn our attentions away from something else thats going on at the same time as these filmed scenes of death and chaos. Now before I get into this I will put up the warning that this film does showcase some hardcore violence towards women and various footage from the internet that shows real-life killings, sexual acts and animal cruelty. Like I said this is my warning before I go into detail about this film. Now this film was filmed in 2007 and never saw a Stateside release unless you were able to get your hands on  a bootleg copy or DVD-R copy of the film now last year Massacre Video was able to secure this film and released it to DVD. So here we go.

 Now the film starts off with a female journalist going back and forth with a writer who reviews these hardcore violent films or snuff films as they are commonly known as. The writer explains that he admires this content only from a standpoint view of a writer based on it's content and that he clearly can't view certain acts cause his own morality refuses to allow him view certain things. Its only fair to say that he is correct when it came to me viewing this and some of the footage the director claimed that he took from internet I had to look away cause my own consciousness told me that something was a little too much and that sometimes maybe death isn't meant to be viewed for pleasure.

 Now while the story between the journalist and writer is played out another story is being played out through the writers words about a man whose holding three women hostage and using them in his own snuff film. The three girls are tricked into thinking they are going to be in a film and in need of the money they agreed to do it and in the end they become victims of this film. One of the women in thhe film is pregnant and is the first to suffer much of the abuse set forth in the film. As she is slapped and then repeatedly punched in the face before it begins to swell and bleed profusely. She is then thrown to the floor, a plastic bag placed over head and is kicked and stomped on repeatedly all over her body. The fact she is pregnant made this scene hard for to watch and I will admit I did leave the room because somethings are a little much and I understand the controversey this film has floating around it.

 This act of violence became apparent that this was just the beginning as the other two females still had to suffer some sort of sick and twisted fate now. The second female to suffer this had to suffer through sexual acts and then having her teeth chiseled and then raped by the masked killer who after he was done with her pisses on her. This content is truly unsettling for any viewer and its definitely not for everyone. Now your reading this and going well this is nothing new because we can watch most of this stuff on Faces of Death and the internet. Yes, well thats all good and well for you but there's got to be a moment in your head that goes okay that's it we're done.

The third female turns out to be.....well that's where I will end this because its not worth giving away the whole movie by telling you everything about it. I know some of you the readers are going to try and find this film now to see what kind of horrific acts were done in the movie and see if I was telling the truth or making this up cause well a snuff film can either be real or something that's really made up. But anyway in my honest opinion the movie is dull and some what boring. This is definitely not my kind of film and I've seen thing that can make you want to gouge out your eyes or just simply cringe this on the other hand just made me wish I had skipped this film and moved on. Granted this film is filled with what a normal hardcore violent horror film should be filled with ala A Serbian Film minus the baby rape and stuff like that. This film is indeed controversial and makes for a one time viewing unless your truly sick and you have to watch it over and over to take notes and just remember people you can easily see this stuff on the internet so if your going to watch this film or want to then take it from me just watch it once and be done with it. Trust me its not something that should watched over and over again cause once you seen it then your gonna say to yourself I saw that before.


reviewed by Bucky

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