COMIN' AT YA! (1981)

The 80's are chocked full with great movies in many genres. But one thing that was a big craze back then was the return of 3D to the bring screen. It gave life to movies like Friday the 13th 3D, A.P.E. 3D, Jaws 3D and so and so forth. But there was a certain person who wanted to cash in fast on the back end of this 3D craze and he made two films trying this. But I will get to that later because the main focus is this 80's western that MVD Visual's released of this now cult classic film. A film I never heard of nor knew existed until I was given the chance to review for MVD. So it was a pleasure despite not knowing what I was getting into until after I watched it and did my research on the film. Like the wedding scene being some similar as to what Tarantino did with Kill Bill. I will place money on it that Tarantino had this film in mind when he was shooting that very scene. But anyway let's begin the review....

When a group of bandits crash his wedding and make off with his virgin wife and leaving him for dead. H.H. Hart gets up, dusts himself off and patches up his wounds and goes on his journey of revenge. Riding ghost town to ghost town he comes across a Scotsman who tells him that the duo of Pike and Polk have his wife and have done this in various other border towns to take women and sell them south of the border to whore houses. Hart eventually catches up with one of them and with his pants down to be exact and stops his auction of women with the help of the Scotsman. He takes Polk hostage and holds him until Pike comes to town for his friend and we given a introduction of 3D technology back then in a finale filled with 3D tricks.

Like I said before this is one of the two attempts that actor/producer Tony Anthony and director Ferdinando Baldi attempted to cash in on the short lived revival of the 3D craze in the 1980's with this film and Treasure of the Four Crowns.  Comin' At Ya recycles scenes from various films like Friday 13th 3D, Blindman and Once Upon A Time in the West. The 3D attempts are jokable at best with guns, snakes, arrows that are on fire and a baby's ass being shoved into the viewers face. But the camera work of Bali is best seen in the desert as he used panorama to capture some of the beautiful scenes of the desert wasteland and used various interiors without the 3D gimmicks to capture it a little bit more to make it simply breath-taking. But without the 3D gimmick to base a recommendation off of this film is easily just a one time viewing kind of film and you can easily forget about it for a few more years until you come across it again and re-watch it.

So how would I rate this film? Having never seen it before or even knowing it existed makes it hard for me to really say go for it to anyone. Because to me its like watching a lost gem and finding out its not exactly what you thought it would be. Is this a cult classic? I can see why many fans would say it is but to me its just a 3D gimmick film that some guy made to try and make a quick buck. I personally like some 3D films but not all films need to be shot in or converted into 3D. Now I am not saying this film is crap, no its far from it because you can see where the director used his skills to capture scenes of the desert and show you a landscape that is rarely seen. So how would I come to recommend this film? Its definitely a once in a lifetime film you can easily watch once and just forget about it. So if you're a spaghetti western fan and you've never seen this film before than here you go but if you've seen it before and you want to see it in Blu-ray form than you already know what you're getting into. I for one am waiting for the release of the Treasure of the Four Crowns to Blu-Ray having seen that as a kid and loving it. I can't wait but til then I guess this is a nice hold over of Anthony and Baldi's work. 
reviewed by Bucky

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