Thanatomorphose (2012)

First off I want to say this movie as handed to me by a fellow member of the crew here and I am assuming that this could be an act of revenge since I suggested A Serbian Film to him a few years back and practically messed him. I suggested it to two people one lost sleep over it and works here the other is writing a book now hopefully it doesn't have any hints at that movie cause that means I really screwed someone up.
But anyway the fact that this movie was given to me by fellow member Shawn cause he felt it deserves it chance in the spotlight and well I am not one to pass up on seeing a movie that I didn't. Trust me I am game at watching anything as long as my attention is held long enough. There have been moments where I have stopped a movie at the near end, midway point and even the fifteen minute mark. So now when I was told to watch this that I would probably find it interesting all I could do was go okay what's the worst that could happen with an innocent face like this?
Well lets say this chick isn't as innocent as she seems. Looks can be deceiving, very deceiving. But before I dive into this film I want to explore the definition of the word "Thanatomorphose". Well its a French word meaning the visible signs of an organism's decomposition caused by death. Now this is on the back of the dvd case and when I read this I was like WTF?! Looking at the five pics on the back it doesn't help at all that your like what the hell is going to happen in this movie and I'll admit I was a little apprehensive about wanting to watch this not because of the nature but because I felt like I saw this movie before. Wait I di.....No that was another movie that I will hint at later cause it doesn't fit right here at the moment.
Story goes as we meet Laura played by Kayden Rose whose only done 4 acting gigs in her career but if anyone can remember her she was in Frankenstein Unlimited. But anyway Laura is unhappy young woman whose beginning to hate her life as her career as an artist is starting to fall apart and the fact that she's stuck in a relationship with an abusive boyfriend doesn't make things any easier for her. After a night of rough sex, she notices a bunch of bruises over her body and she just chalks it up to being her boyfriend's fault and she's use to this and shrugs it off. There's a bit of karma for the boyfriend's dickhead attitude toward her as he manages to cut his foot open on something on her floor and well he flips on her and treats her like shit like usual. Now for a foot wound which I am assuming he stepped on a nail this guy must have been anemic are something cause this guy was gushing from a simple puncture wound. As time progresses she starts to see signs that something else is wrong as some of her fingernails fall off in the shower and she just bandages them up and goes about her daily life. Now I have no clue why someone wouldn't just go to the damn doctor and find out what's wrong but its a horror movie so I am not surprised she ignored her eventual signs of doom. The bruises start to engulf her body and she starts to bleed from her head as well as lose her hair. All the while still remaining sexually active. How? She blows one of her friends and as he holds her head manages to squeeze blood from her head. So what does he do? NOTHING!!!!!!!
Another thing in a horror movie guys in the midst of their own orgasm don't care about shit but that getting that nut off! Anyway after she does this and pukes it up later she continues her decent into madness as she slowly decomposes more and more over time. To the point where you would hope she would eventually call for help or kill herself. But she doesn't and it continues to the point where its now causing her place to smell like rotting flesh and body parts start to become brittle. Her finger breaks off when she tries to Elmer's glue her nails back on and this causes her to go ahead and try to sew her finger back on!!! Yes. She tries to sew the finger back onto her hand. Now as this I want to say disease but its not that cause its something that has happened to her on the inside that's causing her die. So this thing begins to get worse and worse and she slips into her own sex driven madness. Masturbating and killing those that come to check on her and they refuse to have sex with her. This is where the movie ends and its disgusting filled, gory ending is something that should be seen by the most hardcore fans.

Now earlier I said I felt like I saw this film and that film I was mentioning was Contracted. Now these two films are of similar content but this one doesn't explain why she's decomposing while Contracted is based around a supped up sexually transmitted disease. Now after seeing both films and I can see where people can easily compare them to each other. But to me their two totally different films as Thanatomorphose comes off more watchable than Contracted did. To me this movie had an ending that I understood while the later was just more confusing to say the least. Now in the day and age that we are in now this should be viewed as a what could happen film. I mean I'm not saying this could happen to someone but you have to think about it and go this could really happen. I liked this film and even though I will probably regret having to recommend it to anyone cause of my past of doing that to other friends so I mean I will tell Shawn, "What the hell did you let me watch?". He will probably laugh and go "Hahahaha that's for Serbian film you dick!!!!!".
So if your reading this and you haven't seen this film yet go ahead and give it a spin. Trust me this is not gonna be the movie your gonna want to watch over and over cause its just not that movie. Its worth a go around and then maybe if you want to watch it again a few years later than yes its that kind of movie. Its the shock factor that did it for me and sold me after the first few minutes and held me the whole way through cause your feeling for her and then after awhile your like just die bitch cause this isn't gonna end well for you. You can find it on Youtube if your willing to drop the $4 bucks to watch it on there. If your sick like Shawn and you want to own then Amazon is your place. So where do I rate it I will give it 3 stars out of 5, its good but not entirely great. Its definitely one of these shock films that will stand the test of time and people will probably be talking about this film later on down the road as the one of the most disgusting films in the last fourteen years. 

Reviewed by Bucky S.

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