SOCIETY (1989)

Taking trips down memory lane can be fun, allowing you the viewer the chance to relive those fond memories of watching something you did as a kid. The scenes of horror that you fell in love with and want to rehash them once again because the memory has faded slightly so you go back and rewatch them. Now sometimes what you saw as a kid doesn't entirely seem all that bad but as an adult what you thought was cool could actually be bad. But with Society its a movie thats stayed with me and remains one of the few movies I hold dear to my childhood years of watching horror movies back in the 80's. Though the film came out in the final year of the 80's horror craze I found it to be great and awesome.


 Society follows Bill Whitney (Billy Warlock) as his mixed feelings of feeling different from his family as they mix it up with upper class snobs and he remains a down to earth kid whose only cares are sports and the debate team. He soon discovers a dark and dirty secret that is slimy and not for the weak stomached. Brian Yazuna's work is often not chalked up to the same categories of film legends such as Craven, Carpenter or Gordon. This is a slight shame because some of Yazuna's films aren't that bad but there are those that are bad. Society being one of my favorites from his filmography it stands as a testament that not all societies are as they appear. There is always that image everyone tries to be and then there is the image of what you're meant to be. Part monster movie part psychological thriller this film is filled with horror and humor that sends a run down memory lane back to the 80's. As the special effects work on this film are one of a kind and help place this movie in its cult like status as its the one film that crosses that boundary of what things could look like if society was truly under the microscope.

 Now this film has been out of print on DVD for a LONG time now, I remember owning it thanks to Anchor Bay but it was a moment in time when I lent it to a friend who in turn lost it. A reason as to why lending things out have become strained when it comes to my movie collection. It took years to replace it and thanks to Arrow Films I am grateful for that. As they took a grainy version as I remember it on DVD and splashed that new 2K look on it. This updated look with a much more clearer soundtrack makes the movie sound perfect. This is how movies are meant to be seen and Arrow Films has nailed it out of the park again.


 But not only does Arrow Films deliver a beautiful piece of art back to life with a 2K revamp they hand wrapped us fans of this film a bunch of new special features that are out of this world fantastic. Featurettes that have Yazuna explaining films development and its reception in theaters while explaining in detail the wild and crazy scenes that made the movie what it is and all the while he's happy as all hell to retell the viewer because let's face it this film is awesome. Interviews with cast member as they relive their tales of being hesitant about joining the film and their own personal takes on the film themselves. But the hits keep continuing like Mad George's music video for "Persecution Mania", a rare Q&A from the films world premiere with Brian Yazuna and a 2014 interview where Yazuna talks about the films comic book sequel "Party Animals".

Now this film is through Arrow and that means only a certain amount is going to be made (3,000 to be exact) and I will tell you that if you pass this up then you're truly not a fan of this film and should just hand over your horror card to your friends. Now if your local store carries them then I will say tell where that store is so I can go there. But if not then go to Arrow's site and buy this film directly from them and keep supporting them as they continue to bring us fans the films we love because in today's Society us horror fans just can't get enough of these great releases!


reviewed by Bucky

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