THE VOID (2016)

"Synopsis: A sheriff and village townsfolk find themselves trapped within the local hospital surrounded by a mysterious cult that's horrifying secrets await the troubled group within and the sheriff's disturbing visions only lead to more questions.

The Void is a different horror movie. Not in the sense that it brings anything glaringly new to the table, but it does do a few things that show the genre still has a lot to offer, and with the right direction and story devices something really interesting and thought provoking can make its way through the blood pile.

The Void gives you a tremendous feeling of being left in the dark with the fortunate setting that the movie sets itself in, but in a way where it doesn’t leave there for to long. It wants to hook you where you’re asking the same questions you feel the other characters are asking at the same time and wanting to progress to answers with these unfortunate people. Within the first 5 minutes you’re greeted by a door booming open, a woman getting gunned down  and lit on fire by two strangers while a hooded figure with only a black triangle on it’s hood leers off in the distance. If that doesn’t gear you to ask yourself “Wait..What the fuck is going on?” then this movie could be an issue for you because it only gets stranger.

The Void does a beautiful job of displaying a very hard (and hopefully intensional) lovecraftian theme. These themes, I tend to see, is a very difficult genre to really imprint something tangible and attractive to the audience. With certain scenes making the grade while others tend to fall a bit flat.

The cuts in The Void to show a transition was beautifully done and really made you feel as if the creatures sol entity in this movie came from another galaxy/dimension. From rolling gray and black clouds to astonishing galaxy blankets folding onto itself, it really set a tone of something we didn’t understand and something we could only find out with these other characters.

The Characters themselves carry the movie as much as any one character can, but you tend to not care as much for them but more for your answers to what the fuck is going on in this hospital and why this mysterious cult seems to be circling this hospital. The sheriff and main character (Aaron Poole) gives us enough to work with as a conflicted soul that on one hand wants to serve and protect but on the other hand acquire the answers not only he deserves but the people trapped within this hospital, dead or alive deserve as well.

The creatures we encounter within the movie are handled incredibly well and given the astounding treatment of a lot of prosthetics and a lot of blood, and I truly mean a lot of blood
Continuing with The Void’s lovecraftian theme, these creatures emit some of the most interesting shapes and gruesome faces i've seen to date since Tom Savini I believe. With everything from tentacles gripping thrashing characters eye sockets, to the amorphous blob that this creature's head is attached to, I can’t help but be thrilled of the amazing amount of effort and care to make this real and not opt for a CGI based creature.

When The Void enters its last half an hour that’s where it tended to have a bit of a shift and the training wheels are let loose. The mysterious cult’s leader explains to a woman that he can transform people and deny death himself, all while impregnating her with what can only be called “something very alien-ish”. A horde of the undead, which this cult leader has brought together, corners our other townsfolk and funnels them into the final minutes of the movie while another pregnant woman is slashing throats and letting cultist in at another part of the hospital. At these parts of the movie before the final scene, there are parts which try to get us feeling a bit of empathy for the characters at play but again the majority, except for the Sheriff, almost feel like cannon fodder to further depict how these events within the hospital play to the whole arc of story. 

As the last scene depicts the explanation of this cult and why the leader chose to do so for the soul of his daughter and the vessel for his daughter that this Void releases, you're left with an ending that you really want to see continue forward. Talking of life and death not truly mattering in the world they inhabit and how this unfathomable being promises so much, it really draws you in.

The Void again, does a spectacular job of portraying the lovecraftian theme it so amazingly covers and really embraces the style H.P. Lovecraft left with us in his stories. A sense of horror and terror that inhabits our universe and with us being so small and insignificant, creeps in the back of our minds. The theme of the unexplainable, the visions of uncertainty, the void that this movie definitely fills within this genre.

“The oldest and strongest emotion of mankind is fear, and the oldest and strongest kind of fear is fear of the unknown”. - H. P. Lovecraft "

written by Kurtis

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