Sharknado 2: The Second One (2014)

Everyone should have expected this to be coming from me after this past Wednesday when the SyFy channel aired the sequel to the 2013 social media hype crazed film Sharknado. And yes once again social media blew up again thanks to this film.

The film followed Fin Shepard (Ian Zeiring) and his wife April Wexler (Tara Reid) who survived the first movie after Fin blew up the Sharknado and then survived being eaten by a shark after he cut his way out with a chainsaw. This time they are flying to NEW YORK!!!!! Their flying in to meet up with Fin's sister Ellen (Kari Wuher) and her family for a baseball game. Yes as sad as it is they are going to a Mets game. Sorry I am a Phils fan and any mention of the Mets makes me cringe but to see a Sharknado happen at Citi Field well that brought a huge smile to my face. Anyway Ellen's husband Martin (Mark McGrath, who looks good but OLD for a 90's pop-rock star) is Fin's supposed best friend from their childhood is suppose to meet up with Fin and a few friends from the golden days.
Well before any of this could happen Fin witnesses a shark storm outside of his plane window and all hell breaks loose in the skies above.

We all witness the death of a few famous faces and some eh characters. But the most laughable injury is the way April loses her hand to a shark as shes unloading a wave of bullets at it but still the shark manages to take her hand. Now how the sharks got into the sky this time is never answered and we are to expect this to be a natural occurrence I am assuming. But when they land they get her to the hospital and he goes to find his sister and her family to get them off of the streets but too late. IT'S SHARKNADO TIME!!!!!!!!

Now the film is actually a lot better then the first one in my opinion. Not because of its so-called B-C list cast. But because the laughable storyline was actually better in a way that you had to suspend belief a little but than again what the hell am I talking about. Nothing in this movie made sense especially the way things were just falling from the skies. Hammerheads, Great Whites, Whale Shark, baby sharks and even an octopus fell from the heavens. My feeling on that it was a nod to this weekend's upcoming film Sharktopus vs. Ptercuda which will star none other than this man....
But anyway the film starred not all the people that I mentioned but actors who had bit to small roles like Vivica A. Fox, Judah Friedlander, Andy Dick, Judd Hirsch, Billy Ray Cyrus, Kurt Angle, Downtown Julie Brown, Perez Hilton, Jared Fogle, Richard Kind, Wil Wheaton and his wife, Robert Hays, Pepa from Salt n' Pepa, Tiffany Shepis, Kelly Ripa, Michael Strahan, Al Roker, Matt Lauer and this list will take up have my review so we will leave it here. Kinda disappointed in a way that I didn't get to see Kurt Angle "Angleslam" a shark.
Now the above picture pretty much sums up how quickly this escalated. I mean she looked at the table before and only had wire, duct tape, saw blades and a bandsaw. And she made this. But I saw a tweet last night that made me die laughing was one that used the "Six Million Dollar Man" intro.
We have the technology. We can rebuild her, Stronger, Faster, Sexier!!!!!!
Well maybe not that but Tara Reid did kick some ass in that scene but it was Vivica who kicked more shark ass but we all know what happened to her and why Tara's character lived on. But as I am about to end this cause the movie to me was hilariously bad but good in its own way that I am fighting with myself how to find the words to express them and all I can say is the movie was good. But lets think about this how does Ian Zeiring go from the soft rich boy on Beverly Hills, 90120 to a complete badass?

I mean the guy saws a Great White in half, blows up the top part of the Empire State building, stops another Sharknado, rides another Great White like it was a bull and gets eaten again to survive again the same way he did in the first film yup with his trusty chainsaw and why the hell not throw in some good old school Atari fun!!!!!!!!

So to compare this to the first one like I said it is better. I found it more enjoyable and though it will never probably restore my faith in what films Syfy tends to show or make this ranks up there with the few that I felt defined the channel. Asylum out did themselves here and it leaves me to wonder will we see a Sharknado 3????
By Bucky S.

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