Shadow World: Sister's In Wonderland

Sector 5 films, we meet once again, and this time its better than ever!

Plot: I recently reviewed a movie for Sector 5 films and I have to say that the films keep getting better then ever and I can't wait for the next one. The storyline was amazing compared to the previous film. Peri Philips and Liz Nolan play great roles as sisters in this film. The storyline is something of underwhelming at times but holds together with reliability of today's world and the economical and social-economic problems.  Peri Philips plays a hippie of sorts but comes across as a hypocrite. The central theme of her rebelling against society, talking about using fossil fuels, all the whole selling possessions, to keep the fossil fueled electricity on within the house.
I will say that they writers are extremely talented, and the plot-lines are very complex and very carefully placed throughout the movie, which was a very pleasant surprise. There wasn't too many awkward pauses throughout the movie, which is always a good thing today when everything seems to be connected throughout the story. The story sucks you in with it's character's and keeps you there with it's development which is what a truly good movie is suppose to do.

Character Interactions/Development: I would like to put it out there, that just because a character is consistently playing a central emotional role, doesn't mean there isn't any growth or development. Both sisters interact very well, like they were really been together for years, but you can see that Liz has a stronger presence within the movie throughout.  The communication getting better and better throughout the movie, you could see the stress building as the atmosphere started to get darker within the character's facial expressions, and as well within their communication with each other.
Liz's character comes across as very strong, and has the desire to leave the situation that her family as been put into, until her sister gets too far into our dreams and nightmares so she asks for help, which for me was the turning point of the movie. Both actors personalities change and things start becoming more serious, and focused on the task at hand, which draws me in even more into the movie is over, and I am very pleasantly surprised at how well Shadow World is put together. I would give it a 8 out of 10, for a couple reasons. The seriousness, as well as how well the character's are connected, makes the plot that much stronger, and I can't wait for Sector 5's next film!


Reviewed by Paul

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