Now time and time again we get movies that we don't tend to understand how we can fit into the genres we cover but we cover them anyway cause we just toss alot of shit into the MORE! category of the site. Which means pretty much alot of stuff ends up in that little neck of the woods and sometimes it can end up being a little bit of porn as we are going to be reviewing today. Straight from Synapse Film's sister label themselves Impulse Pictures we are going into the Europorn world of "Sex Roulette".

Sex, sun and gambling tempt the lovely Veronica. Traveling with her uncle and horny butler to various casinos on the French Riviera, she can have pretty much anything she wants… except for the love of a man. The game of roulette, not sex, is what really turns her on! As her uncle beds many young ladies with his large fortune and libido (this old dude gets more action than James Bond), Veronica lives a charmed life but feels empty inside. Will she ever find love? How far will her uncle go to help her?

 This title comes from Impulse Pictures the adult faring label of Synapse Films. So its not shocking to find that a bunch of unknown porn comes from this label. Sex Roulette is set in the French Riveria and follows Veronica whose using her uncle's money to pretty much buy whatever shes wants but its the simple game of roulette that gets her gears spinning and not actually having sex. Now unlike most of the other films that comes from this label such as 42nd Street stag films which are just poorly thrown together and edited clips of porn films from the 70's thru the 80's. Sex Roulette does have it moments of flaws and a plain story-line but it comes out of that era where in the 70's that most porno's had a story and it was pretty much a film and not a cheap, sleazy porn for a group of men to stroke to in side a seedy movie theater on a Saturday night.

Director Alan Vydra does manage to direct this film to the point that he wastes the beauty of main character Veronica played by the blonde beauty Vanessa Melville by focusing in on her over sexed uncle and his bedding of all the young ladies in the film and even a black midget whose horny as all hell too. The fact that her character is more focused on the game of roulette rather than mingling or even having sex with the other male characters sends her uncle into a frenzy and then he forces her to shed her inhibitions and she gets into the frame work of having sex. But its the orgy scene where she is again lost amongst a bevy of various other characters.

 This film though is a much bigger step for the label though thrown out there on DVD the quality is good enough to be satisfying for a fan of collecting 70's porn. You can notice some of the burn marks, scratches and where the reels have to be changed but this goes one and one in hand with what Impulse wants you to pay for that original feeling of what it would've looked like back then. Could this have fared better if released as a blu-ray. I would have to say yes but I liked seeing those little flaws and it made the film a little more enjoyable for me. 

Now yes the game of roulette is one of chance but adding the sexual element to it makes things that more interesting for anyone. So if you happen to stumble across this film one day and you have nothing better to do than watch a 70's porn with its incestuous tones, which is something that pretty much every porno seems to want to dip their feet into for some sick, twisted reason. Then this film is that one flick that you can sit there and please yourself or someone else to while watching. God I can't believe I just told the fans here that its okay to practice foreplay.

reviewed by Bucky

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