Review: Batman: Assault on Arkham (2014)

Finally I get to review a DC animated movie for the site and yes I am truly excited about this cause if there's a few things that DC has over Marvel its their television series' and their animated movie projects. DC has released 4 animated films this year alone as compared to Marvel who only released 2 animated films this year and out of those two only one was worth my time to watch. But this year all 4 of DC's animated films thanks to Warner Bros. Animation graced my television screen. Starting with JLA: Trapped In Time, Justice League: War, Son of Batman and this one. Though some of the films barely broke the hour mark they did have a much bigger impact than those that came from Marvel and helped DC win a small battle on the animated forefront.
Batman: Assault on Arkham should of actually been a stand alone Suicide Squad film as Batman was a supporting character in the film. Now a lot of people don't know who the Suicide Squad is. Well today's a good day to get caught up on this awesome team of antiheroes. The Suicide Squad is a group of villains who are forced by the government to take on high-risk black op missions in exchange for a commuted sentence but their is a drawback to this team if you fail to do what your told they kill them by detonating a small bomb that's been placed in the back of their necks and well you get the mental image of the head exploding and blood and brains splattering all over the place. Well anyway this film gives us a team of known villains as well as two not so very well known villains. This film also ties into the Batman: Arkham video game franchise and takes place after the event of Batman: Arkham Origins
The story for the film goes that Amanda Waller wants something from the Riddler that he supposedly stole from her and the government. Upon trying to capture him the Batman shows up and ruins the entire mission for her as he takes the Riddler and dumps him into Arkham. Waller pissed activates the Suicide Squad for a mission. The group as they appear in flashes of capture in the film are Black Spider, Captain Boomerang, Deadshot, Harley Quinn, Killer Frost, KG Beast and King Shark.

Now out of all of these bad guys King Shark seems to be the villain ripped from a horror comic as he is seen being captured in a room where he has human bodies hanging from the ceiling and then rising out of tub filled with blood.

Now as told you before the lesser known of the characters are the ones you would expect to bite the bullet once they become hard headed and refuse to listen and as an example one of them is killed when the bomb in their neck explodes and removes their head from their shoulders. Insuring that the rest of the team understands and knows that this shit is real and its time to play ball. Their mission is to retrieve something that the Riddler had on him and go completely off the grid without compromising the mission. Well you would think they would have a good plan right well its not that good as one may think. First they have to meet up with the Penguin to get their mission, weapons and whatever they would need to break into Arkham completely under the radar without blowing the mission. Well this team is not as sound as it seems you have King Shark trying to eat Killer Frost, Captain Boomerang refusing to take orders from Deadshot and Harley looking to bang Deadshot so she can forget the Joker.

Despite the arrogances of their egos and desires the team eventually comes to terms and works together long enough to get Harley caught by Batman and sent to Arkham allowing everyone else to find their way into Arkham with disguises. Spider goes as a kitchen worker, Boomerang as an EMT, Frost as a corpse (funny hunh?), Deadshot as a cop, yes a cop whose taking Harley to Arkham. Now Shark is left out for this cause well how do you disguise a hulking monster with a metal jaw? Well anyway the mission starts to go awry from the get go as nothing seems to work for them. Joker spots Harley causes her to go ape shit and steals a gun and tries to shoot him which leads to some humor as a bouncing bullet plays that part. After restraining her and Deadshot planting a device to help the other members get in to Arkham all goes well until Frost spots Riddler and betrays the team later on and eventually the Bat shows up and destroys the vault in Arkham that houses all the villains weapons, props and costumes. The funniest part of this is Shark looking at the boxes with names like Firefly, King Moth and Maxie Zeus and calls them tools. The scene leads to a huge fight between them all and Batman and ending with Spider possibly ending the Bat or did he?

After all of this the film finally see's an unleashing of the Joker who finds the thing that Batman has been searching for the entire and film and plans to use it against Gotham. He then releases all the inmates of Arkham and that means he lets out Scarecrow, Bane, Two-Face, and Poison Ivy. Though Mr. Freeze's gun is in the movie he's nowhere to be seen so if your a Freeze fan looking for him then sorry they left him out. After an all out war between GCPD and the villains and a awesome three way fight between Bats, Deadshot and Joker. We are given an ultimate climax with a cliff hanger and a guarantee that Deadshot had for Amanda Waller.  The film is a must see if you are a diehard Batman fan, Suicide Squad fan or a DC fan in general. Though DC takes a ass kicking at the box office thanks to Marvel and Disney its good to see them winning a small battle here with the animated films. I know I am anticipating next year's DC/WB animated release of Justice League: Throne of Atlantis, cause I am a Aquaman fan and anything that revolves around in any compacity is a great thing. Look at Flashpoint Paradox when he waged war on the Amazons cause of what Wonder Woman did to his wife. HOT DAMN!!!!! Yeah, yeah I know she killed him in it but he proved that Aquaman is the man!!!!!! But anyway since I detracted here I'm gonna say see this movie now before it gets lost in the shuffle of whatever movie you plan on seeing.

Review by Bucky S.

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