Real Heroes (2014)
“A group of B-string superheroes go on a reality show in hopes of hitting the big time.”

I don't even know where to begin with this one, aside from the fact that I loved it. The story was entertaining, the characters were good, and their were parts of it that actually made me laugh. It definitely has its low budget qualities in the sense that it doesn't have any known actors, it's script is a bit cheesy and the acting is WAY over the top at parts. 

But unlike some of the other movies I've seen lately, writer and director Keith Hartman used these to his advantage and made it work out. He brought multiple story lines in throughout the movie but never left any of them hanging; every story line was explained and had some sort of resolution which is a very important aspect to me. 

Every one was important to the overall story as well and they all seemed to tie in at the end. If this was an actual reality show, it would finally be one that I would watch repeatedly. But since it's not, I will just have to settle for watching the movie again... which I have no problem doing.


reviewed by Bobby

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