There's no line here at Horror, Sci-fi & More!  that we are scared to cross because we want you the people to know what's out there to own, see or just read about. Even if that stuff falls into the golden age of porn. Now a few months back we covered similar films like The Ribald Tales of Canterbury, Tasty and Pretty Peaches and though we admitted it was a little bit of a difficult task to take on because lets face how do you review porn without losing control over what you say I mean there's only so many things that can be said be you start to stutter or even remotely give away too much details and pretty much start to explain to the reader that this is nothing more than smut and it should only be watched if your bored and need something to do with your time and some tissues.

This time around I felt that not look at these films as porn but to simply look at them as films in general because let's face back in the 70's these films were just as big as big name movie company releases. Its no shock that back in the 70's you could find one of these films playing down the street from say films like Apocalypse Now, Rocky 2 or even The Muppet Movie. Yes, I referenced the Muppets. Bob Chinn the man responsible for the two films that were reviewed here one being Hot Legs and the other being California Gigolo. Chinn is the man behind the Johnny Wadd series as it was no surprise that John Holmes popped up as the main star for California Gigolo.

Before I jump into bed here with these two films you can find them here.

Hot Legs (1979)

The Synopsis of the film goes, "Meet the girls at Hot Legs: beautiful models who do anything to please their photographers. As an important publication deadline approaches, everyone tries to focus on work, but will their lustful desires get in the way?"

Hot Legs doesn't start off slow no it kicks you right in the face with its rockin' attitude with a song that's all so familiar because its Rod Stewart's "Hot Legs" but then again that could be the secret so lets keep that under wraps for the time being. Bob Chinn's style of filming is great as he knows where to shoot and the films colors are vibrant and stand out as he has the right moments in the spotlight. Now with any 70's porn your bound to find the 'stache and bush at their thickest and its no laughing matter because this was the style back then and its no surprise you'd find these things all over one another in any film.

The films story is perfect as it holds its ground as coming off like a comedy if needed it to be that while everyone is fornicating all over the place. Leading to a well filmed scene with great colored lighting and well placed camera angles that catch what could be a simple kiss turned into an explosion of ecstasy by a simple glare of a light fixture. Hands down this film was good and not like your typical fuckfest that tends to be in most pornos. So if you're looking for a decent porn to want to watch on your own freewill then here's your chance to catch one of Chinn's best if not by everyone else but from me this is a decent film of his and should be seen.

California Gigolo (1979)


Synopsis of the film is, "John Holmes is the biggest stud in Hollywood. All the girls love him and can never get enough. Follow the California Gigolo John through the most star studded and erotic adventure of his life."

What can you say about films that have John Holmes in them? Not much but damn that dude has a huge dick. This is no surprise to porn fans all over the world that this man would be considered the greatest porn star of all time right next to Ron Jeremy but as time would tell Holmes' own addiction would claim his life. But in this film he's at his best so it seems though he looked healthy and all he was indeed hiding his own drug addiction which could be seen as he can't get hard to have sex but can remain stiff enough in a flaccid state for his partner in any scene can get him off.

Like Hot Legs, Chinn has no problem throwing things in your face with close-ups. He wants the audience to be there and almost feel like the dick is slapping them in the face or they can actually just head dive into a woman's vagina. This seems to be Chinn's signature I think I wouldn't know because I've only seen these two films. I'll make the assumption until I can retract that statement. Along with these close-ups there are deep throating, even a little of the tying up and whipping as well as a little bit of the odd and that being wine bottle fucking!!! Yes!!! You read that right someone uses a bottle to get ready for a scene!!! This film could've been bad but the various things Chinn did to keep me from going after the remote made me like the film that much more so until I see something else from Holmes in any form this will be what I will call my favorite of his until further notice. I know Vinegar Syndrome does have something in the works for two John Holmes films for next month. Boy can't wait to see what comes of that!


reviewed by Bucky

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