Oliver, Stoned (2014)
Synopsis: The world's biggest stoner, Oliver, loses a high profile car, forcing him to steal an ice cream truck and enlist his wacky friends to help track down the thief before it's too late.
I guess this is your stereotypical stoner movie. We have Oliver, a consummate weed smoker and overall screw up. He works at a car detailing shop where he is constantly screwing up and being reamed out by his boss Jeff,who happens to be his father. Oliver also lives with his father and his father's girlfriend Jen, the shop's poster girl, who also happens to have went to school with Oliver. Jeff informs Oliver that him and Jen have decided it is time for Oliver to move out. Oliver's last chance at redemption is to pick up a classic Mercury and have it detailed and return it without an issue. Oliver picks up the Mercury from an old lady who strangely reminded me of Grace from Grandma's Boy. Actually it's probably not to strange since the reason she needs to have the car detailed is so she can have the “love stains” removed from the back seat before her husband gets home. Unfortunately for Oliver, on his way to deliver the the car he spots his ultimate weakness, an ice cream truck. He has to go into a nearby store to break a fifty and he returns to find the driver of the ice cream truck, and the Mercury, are gone. He recruits the help of his weed dealer, a few painters, and a girls he meets along the way to try to help him find the Mercury.
To be completely honest, I was very nervous about reviewing this movie as I am clearly not the target demographic. I figured best case scenario, it was gonna be like just about every Seth Rogen movie I'd ever seen. Meaning there were parts that made me laugh, but I don't seem to think it's as good as everyone else makes it out to be, presumably because I don't smoke weed so I just don't “get it.” This movie however, left me pleasantly surprised. They took more of a 'Friday' approach to it. While smoking weed is a very major part of the movie, the comedy isn't based solely on it. Oliver and his dealer Benson provide the weed comedy, Meghan is more of a prude looking for adventure, and Jeff is definitely struggling through his midlife crisis. And as far as the mystery of who stole the Mercury, it was basically Meghan pretending to be Veronica Mars (her words).
It's really hard to break this movie down much more because, let's face it, if you have seen one stoner movie, you've seen them all. The overall synopsis may change, but you know how it is going to be. Overall, it was a fun movie to watch. And lucky for me, you didn't have to be high to “get it.” Although I'm sure it could be enjoyed even more for those of you out there who may partake a little bit before viewing.

reviewed by Bobby

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