Now when it comes to westerns its no argument that this genre is my guilty pleasure. Who doesn't love a movie where the plot is either revenge or just plain shoot them up at high noon? Now I've seen my fair share of westerns and I've either loved them or just didn't care too much about them. Now if you can mix a little horror into the western genre you can strike gold in my heart but there have been those few movies that tried to do that for me and just fell flat. So when I was asked to review Blood Moon, I was skeptical at first cause lately anything with the word Blood in it has been a vampire run of the mill film. But after I viewed the trailer and saw it dealt with another guilty pleasure...Werewolves!!!

 Yes, a western with a little bit of werewolf lore thrown into the mix. Now I've seen similar films and they were let downs so I simply went into this film with an open mind and a clean slate for the idea. Because lets face its not every year we get a film like this because Hollywood is filled with no ideas and a huge recycling bucket they love to use all the time.  So this film is a nice detour from today's normal viewing of remakes, sequels and reruns. But where do I begin with this film...wait that's lets go back to the year 1887 and the setting is Colorado. Silver mining and the old west as outlaws are not only pitted against the law but also the one creature that comes out when the moon is full and as red as blood!

A stagecoach of travelers, a gunslinger and two outlaws arrive in a deserted mining town lit by the glow of a reddish full moon. As their worlds collide, they are hunted by a beast that only appears on the night of a blood moon.

Upon watching this film it starts off just like any western does with somebody shooting someone. Yes our supposed main character is seens blowing away his friend who don't see but from the dialogue we're left to assume thats who this gunslinger just put a bullet into and a local being killed by the werewolf that stalks the town. As the movie moves along we're introduced to our future antagonist two outlaws who rob a bank and killed a man but manage to get away from the law who well gave up little to no effort to go after them but only firing a few brush fire shots at them. As well as the rest of the cast who are just so lucky to stuck in a stage coach together as they come face to face with the gunslinger from the beginning. All leading to the inevidle collision course of all their lifes as they are thrusted together in a battle for their very lifes against a beast thats hungry for human flesh. What's funny is that one of the outlaws is played by Corey Johnson best for bit parts and being that guy that screwed up everything in A Sound of Thunder.

 Being a little over drawn and seeming slow paced the film isn't all that bad for being a low budget horror western. The werewolf isn't cgi'd which in my opinion is a huge plus because I feel make up departments should be given things like this to play with and pay homage to the works that greats like Rick Baker did for films they worked on. I for one was pleased with this film and felt that it was done correctly and deserves to be seen. If you can find this film do so and watch it. Trust me when I say that in today's film society and the fact we are stuck with unoriginal ideas its nice to get a decent film from a smaller production film company.


reviewed by Bucky

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