UNCAGED (2015)

Now this past week I was happy to have watched a movie that is a throwback to my favorite horror movie character in film and that's the werewolf. Yeah I know I could've chosen a different one but for some reason the werewolf genre has housed some of the greatest if not cult classics of film. The Howling, Dog Soldiers, Wolf, Wolf Man, and Bad Moon to say just a few of these films starring a werewolf. Now the film I am reviewing here is called Uncaged and it tries to blend the horror genre and comedy genre together. Pretty much in the style that a film called Wolf Cop tried and was successful with. So how did Uncaged hold up? Let's find out after the synopsis.

After nights of sleepwalking, a troubled teen straps a camera to himself and discovers a sinister truth.
Now with that synopsis you could easily have been mislead to believe this film could have easily been a different kind of movie. But the films cover and poster are just dead giveaways that the film houses werewolves as that sinister truth. But truth be told the film starts off with our main character as a child getting ready to go bed when he starts to hear a commotion between his parents going on behind the closed door and the a gunshot that ends in silence. His mother walks in and reminds him that to remember everything that happened that night because on his 18th birthday his world will change. If you haven't guessed it by now his mom has killed his father and he's sent off to live with his cousins.

Now we jump 12 years into the future we meet our character Jack again this time 18 years old and is off with his friends to a cabin in the woods. Once there as you guessed he begins to sleepwalk, finds himself naked outside the cabin and begins to question it. So he straps the camera to himself and low and behold he discovers the truth.

Now with most horror comedies the film tends to go in another direction during the course of the film. Jack makes buddy buddy with a drug dealers wife to help her get away from him. This part of the movie to me could've been left out I really saw no reason for it to have been shot or added to the movie itself. I felt it took away from the whole fact that our main character is cursed to be a werewolf but at the same time he felt he had to be a hero of sorts? The acting in the movie is dull and boring, the comedy relief of the film is cheap and not so funny himself. The make-up for this film is horrible, I mean how can you not get it right? I've seen better werewolves with worse make-up in worse films look better than the one in this movie. I really hate it when I have to rip a movie apart like this but sometimes there comes that movie that isn't that good and needs to be told to the people to avoid this til it hits Netflix.

Now I tried to get behind this movie because my eyes got the better of me when I saw the cover and thought this could be a good movie. But as it turns out that was not the case and the film wasn't all that cracked up to be. The cover itself the werewolf on it looks better than what was in the film. Like I said I love the werewolf genre and I really wanted this film to be good but its not. I mean I give credit where its due with people wanting to make films and everything but maybe certain genres aren't for certain people. So in the end of it all with Uncaged I would have to say this film is definitely one if you happen to pick it up and have that moment in your head that says "No" then may be you should listen to that voice and put it back and grab something else. Because this film definitely shouldn't be Uncaged.
Reviewed by Bucky

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