Welcome to the world of Bridd Cole, the mild-mannered office mailman who’s only goal is to make as few waves as possible. Bridd’s plan is going perfectly, he pays his taxes early, never exceeds the speed limit, lives alone in a simple apartment, and even his best friend barely knows him, until a package from his long-dead mother arrives. This package sends him and office temp Charlotte off on a mission to find the answer to who or what Bridd really is. 

Whether you think this movie is a failure or it is a favorite of yours, most of the good will goes to the casting department. The cast isn’t made up of superstars but they are people you have seen before, and will see again because they are all currently working. The leader of the bad guys is even going to be in next year’s Black Panther from Marvel Studios. The chemistry between Bridd and Charlotte, as well as Bridd and his best friend Trent, is easily the best part of the movie. If you disagree and hate them, its okay, they won’t be around long. The Answer clocks in at just over 80 minutes.

There are two major problems with this film. First, was the writer and director, Iqbal Ahmed. His concept for the movie isn’t the worst idea ever, but the script is full of poor dialogue, illogical jumps in time and unrealistic relationships. These things that could have easily been punched up or edited out by a second writer. A writing partner also could have removed the dialogue that was lifted directly from The Matrix and other films that inspired this director. The second major short coming is the low budget. They couldn’t afford proper lighting and several scenes are hard to see. There is an off-camera car accident and the costuming and props look like they were made in a friend’s basement and not a real effects shop. 

For me the number one law of entertainment is that you must first of all be entertaining. No matter how well acted, written, directed or produced a film may be, if it is not entertaining, people won’t just stick around to look at beautiful vistas or listen to snappy dialogue. You will not be captivated by The Answer, but you won’t necessarily rush to turn it off either. It is a perfect movie for a lazy weekend afternoon while you pay bills, play with your pet, or fold laundry. In the end, The Answer is a movie that strives to be as great as The Matrix but falls far short. It ranks below I Am Number Four and even below Jumper, the two movies with which it has the most in common. It takes elements from all three movies and sprinkles in a few Rom-Com clichés to produce something that isn’t awful, but is still far from good. It was left open for a sequel, and if it ever gets produced, I will head to IMDB first. If I find that the writer is the same, I will pass.  If there are new writers, and the cast is the same, I would be willing to check it out. 

reviewed by James Lindorf

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