Nekromantik 2
The film begins where the first one left off, with a flashback to Rob's suicide, whose corpse Monika is seen grave robbing at the end of the 1st film. What puzzled me about the next scene is Monika apparently is not noticed carrying Rob's corpse into her apartment. When she gets the body inside she unwraps him from his body bag. Next we meet Mark who is going to his job. The film then cuts back to a scene of Monika undressing Rob. The viewer than learns Mark's job dubbing porn films. Which to me I guess was supposed to foreshadow the next scene, which is Monika having sex with Rob's corpse. Next we meet Betty (again), Rob's ex-girlfriend from the 1st film, she learns to her disappointment, that Rob's grave has already been robbed. I felt the idea behind this scene is to show Betty still loved Rob and wanted him in death, as we learned in the previous film she too is into extreme necrophiliac. We come back to Monika who fails to have an orgasm with Rob’s corpse. The scene ends with her running to the bathroom, and vomiting. Monika than cleans Rob's corpse and takes photos with him. We come back to Mark who makes plans to meet a friend for a movie. Mark's friend, however, is late, and Mark offers his ticket instead to a stranger who happens to be Monika who is passing by. Monika and Mark hit it off and go on a carnival date, it’s at this time Monika decides to “break up” with Rob. She tearfully saws the corpse of Rob into pieces and putting him into garbage bags, saving just his head and genitals. She keeps the genitals in her fridge. Which for the life of me I could not understand. This scene for some reason slightly disturbed me. The next scene is Monika and Mark in her apartment. She is showing him photos of several dead relatives, sometimes in their coffins. This in turns leads to them having sex which seems to be less than satisfying for Monika. Mark ends up spending the night at Monika's, and finds Rob’s genitals in the refrigerator. This discovery, combined with Monika's desire to photograph Mark in positions that make him appear dead, leads him to begin questioning Monika and his relationship. Soon thereafter, Monika and her fellow necrophiliac friends have a movie night at Monika's apartment. Suggesting that she is part of a network of people with similar interests. The film they are watching depicts the dissection of a seal. This as an animal lover was a bit tough for me to watch. During their viewing party we see Rob's severed head on the coffee table. Mark drops by, unexpectedly, which in turn brings the movie night to a premature end. This quickly leads to Monika hiding the severed head and her friends leaving. When Mark asks what Monika and her friends had been watching, she shows him the video. This leaves Mark both disgusted and enraged, who says it's perverse to watch such things for fun. The couple later speak on the phone and makes plans to meet at Monika's and discuss the matter. In the meantime, Monika makes a trip to the ocean, where she tries to figure out her next course of action. When Mark arrives the next day, they have make-up sex, during which Monika severs Mark's head and replaces it with Rob's severed head. In addition, Monika is finally shown climaxing. In the final scene, a doctor congratulates Monika on her pregnancy.
If you have gotten this far you have realized by this time, Nekromatik 2 deals much with the same issues as the first film, Necrophilia. Unlike the first film though, I feel like Monika is actually an empowered female character. Though Monika is depicted as a necropiliac and a murder I feel this is much more of a tragic love story. She spends the film just looking for love, and companionship. I can see how the film would be considered extreme shock, for its content
but I feel like it was much more of an art film, than some extreme shock films in recent memory. Acting and cinematography are well done.

For disturbing factor I would say it does have some scenes that did make me question did I want to finish this film? But much like the 1st film it pales in comparison to other films. Much like the first film they use the taboo of Necrophilia as a frame to build a story that was actually good as a whole. That being said much like the 1st film and even more so this film is not for everyone. I give the same warning that I did at the end of my review for the 1st film do not watch this film just to prove your Macho or strong willed. But if you do watch the film or have seen the film, than I can say you may truly be a sick and twisted person and we could be friends. Also you can find this movie if you wish to own in on either Amazon or Cult Epics own website (

reviewed by Shawn

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