Naked Zombie Girl (2014)

 Synopsis: Barbara drives an old Cadillac down a two lane highway, nervously smoking a cigarette. Jill sits in the back, seat frantically looking at Tony, who has a bite mark on his arm oozing black liquid. He starts sweating heavily. He tries to grab their gun; they've all seen what happens when you get bitten. Barbara tries to keep control of their car while trying to get the gun from Tony. She notices a zombie in the road and quickly swerves out of the way. The car starts to smoke, and Barbara glances around the area. She realizes that they're in the middle of no where, with nothing in site but an old shack. While she's distracted, Tony succeeds in shooting himself. The sound of the gunshot attracts the zombies in the area. In a matter of seconds, Jill and Barbara find themselves surrounded.

 Jill is immediately ripped out of the car and Barbara is left inside, surrounded. She manages to kick the door open and get out. She escapes to the shack but has her dressed ripped off in the process.  Now she's naked and locked in the shack. She manages to use the last bullet in the gun to shoot the zombie in the shack. She finds a chainsaw and manages to kill every zombie around her.  The "boss zombie" shows up and after a short struggle she flees back to the car.  Tony reanimated and she has to fight him off before she beats him to death with a tire jack.  She gets out of the car and has to fight off the boss zombie. She splits him in half with the chainsaw. Than she sees reanimated Jill who is shot by a man in a pick up who takes Barbara away.

For this being a short film, the makeup and special effects were phenomenal. Well, minus the boss fight which was all CGI and looked pretty bad. But up until that part, the effects and make up were better than some full length features I've seen. Normally, when I see a short film or even a low budget full length movie, you see a handful of zombies with legitimate makeup and facial appliances. Than all the extras basically have their face painted. Not in this one. Every zombie you see has facial appliances, make up, contacts, etc... When Barbara starts fighting back with the chainsaw, the camera stays on them as she is decapitating zombies and severing arms.  I applaud them for not taking the easy way out.  The hard work of the effects team and vision of the director definitely paid off on this one.

Aside from screaming, there was only like 3 lines of dialogue. The whole short is one big zombie fight and it was awesome.  The way it was shot was a bit jumpy as it went from image to image but it wasn't really enough to take away from the overall film itself.  This was pretty entertaining from start to finish.  Definitely worth the watch for any zombie fan.
reviewed by Bobby

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