Mold! (2012)

In this day and age its not hard to find a movie dealing with a biologically engineered weapon gone wrong storyline. It seems that it is a very easy angle to pitch and then film cause with today's modern science anything from a simple cold to the now recently brought back from the dead Ebola virus can be the most feared things in the world. I've watched probably hundreds of these kind of films some good others bad. Same storylines rehashed over and over and then you get a original idea in the midst of the same stuff. So your not left wondering when will this ever change cause I am tired of watching the same type of virus wipe out a major city or a similar group of actors being trapped in a bunker of sorts because they have become the experiment of a crazed scientist who just unleashed his hand made virus on them.
Now this film is set in 1984. Now to me the 80's is where I come from, being born in 1980 and though I never probably knew of the incidents that were going on during that decade til I was taught various things in history class. I know we were in the midst of a war on drugs, the cold war was coming to an end and a virus known as AIDS was killing more people then heart attacks. Now this film was set in that time and a group of scientist have created a strain of mold that is to be used to wipe out Colombian cocoa fields to help thwart drug dealers from selling their drugs in the United States. But like always something goes wrong and then theres chaos and deception in the process of this film. As it becomes evident that a much more devious person is at work behind this accidental outbreak just so he could see what this strain can really do. Trust me when I say you get it all from a coke snorting congressman to a winey right hand man,  a stone cold military officer and his similar in traits Sergeant and four scientist who are stuck trying to figure out a way out of this worse case scenario.
So you have to understand that this isn't a BIG budget film. No this is a low-budget B-movie. You can tell by the fact you can easily see that the water sprinkler system above everyone's head is a bunch of fire hoses.  So you have to open your mind to this film cause if your expecting one big bad ass adventure through hell and back with explosions than your not going to like this cause its not that kind of film. This film to me comes off like a tribute to slime filled 80's films like Street Trash and Slime City. So already this film plays to the teenager inside me that once sat in his room drinking his cold Pepsi and eating whatever candy I had at that time and watched the VHS tapes of those movies and loved every minute of the slime and gore. So trust me when I say this movie is perfect for anyone who loved slime and blood and as you will see below burning flesh to try and prevent the mold from taking over.

Now for a low-budget film that's filled with cheesy goodness your left wondering will the cast be bad or will the script be awful. I was shocked to find that the actors were not that bad in this film though they had to work with some bad make-up and a crappy wig and mustache and the fact they had to be exposed to the splatter of blood and slime. They seemingly took it like champs now that's what I am assuming what they really felt afterwards I will never know but to me they looked okay after having green slime thrown in their face or blood being dumped on their heads. I was impressed with melting eyeballs and how they used the effect of how the mold would practically turn you into mush as you stand after accidentally drinking it.

This film was released by Wild Eye Releasing and I have to admit after watching this film and venturing to the bonus content where I found the trailers of the other films they have I can't help but go damn. There are a lot more films they have that I can't wait to watch. With titles like Disco Exorcist, Invasion of the Scream Queens, The Bloody Ape, President Wolfman and etc. I have to see these films no matter how bad they sound something inside of me goes, "Buck, you have to see those movies.". So if your a fan of 80's slime and blood splatter films then I recommend this movie to you. If your bored and want to kill an hour and a half then go for it. Trust me there's not very many b-movies that I will recommend. This one right here though, comes highly recommended from me to you!!!!!! I am gonna link the companies site where you can find their store where you can buy not only the films on dvd but you can get them on classic VHS!!!! So click on the Wild Eye Releasing image below for that journey.

 Review by Bucky S.

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