Lost Faith (1992)
When I think of legendary B movie actors, I think of names like Bruce Campbell, Danny Trejo, Brad Dourif, just to name a few. Granted these names have all also starred in their fair share of big budget movies, but they have also spent a lot of time on low-budget, straight to DVD movies. If I'm thinking of someone who has made their whole career in the B realm, I tend to think of someone like Keri Wuhrer. The name Joel D. Wynkoop never comes to mind. So I did what every other movie fan would do, I pulled him up on IMDB. The very first line in his bio is “Veteran B-movie horror actor Joel D. Wynkoop has long since been a favorite amongst fans of the humorous and the macabre.” 
So I figured I'd give this movie a shot. Now while it claims that he is a veteran of horror movies, this movie is a martial arts movie/action. I went into it expecting something like American Ninja or No Retreat No Surrender (1 or 2). Movies with interesting story lines, good fight scenes, and some cheesy acting. I was right on 1 out of 3. The acting was exactly what I expected out of any low budget film. 
The story line was all over the place. A man whose wife is kidnapped and sent into a white slavery ring. Apparently he was, at some point, a man of the cloth or something of the sort, who had lost his faith. That fact is only slightly touched on a few times through the whole movie. But out of no where, he needs to restore his faith and “get God's help” to beat the big boss man at the end. My real problem with the movie is it's description on the DVD case itself. “A perfect blend of high impact action and gut-busting humor...
Lost Faith is a must see for all Martial Arts fans!” Now I am a Martial Arts fan. And my opinion of a must see movie is not a main character who's main, and only real move, is a spin kick where he can barely get get his leg up to his opponents midsection. Now I can watch a Martial Arts movie, no matter how bad the movie is, as long as the fight scenes are good. But with the caliber of the fights in this movie, it already started off in the negative and had no other aspects of the movie that were even remotely close to being good enough to save it. This is not a movie I would watch again, and one I wouldn't feel like I missed out on had I never seen it to begin with.

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reviewed by Bobby

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