Like I said in an earlier review we crossed our MORE! bridge today and that means we are doubling up on the X. Again thanks to Vinegar Syndrome I get the chance to review the films The Ribald Tales of Canterbury and Tasty. A double dose of Hyapatia Lee as she is directed by her husband Bud Lee in both films. These two films represent two of the last big budget 35mm X rated films to receive a theatrical run. Both films were shot back to back in 1985 for Caribbean Films.

Ribald Tales of Canterbury follows a group of knights who are journeying across the British countryside in what is suppose to be a 15th century setting and while on their quest they share stories that are far and in between fantastic and outrageously absurd of sexual conquests. Now the idea of using literary stories or tales for parodies is not a rare thing in porn cause its been done before with various characters ranging from Cinderella, Robin Hood and even Mother Goose. So watching this was nothing new to me cause I faced it before and I knew what would happen and not be shocked or anything by it. Even when a scene that involved women flirting with their male counterparts and using a chicken as the tool of seduction by licking the chicken leg and even going as far as eating out the chicken's cavity just practically made me laugh cause let's face if that was done today it would be seen as comedy more than seduction.


Now this film does have some mentionable names other than Hyapatia and Bud Lee. You can find Peter North, Jon Martin, Stevie Taylor and Josephine Carrington all playing parts in this film. But its hard to actually sit there and watch this film and take it seriously as you have to convey that for a film that's to have been set in the 15th century having things like big hair that was common for the 80's and how the music quickly went from that on a time period piece to that of a 80's porn synth style of music. The film itself does come off well cause of the way the Lee's followed the source material but I would have to wonder how did people feel when they dropped whatever amount of money at the time this came out to see it in theaters. Cause to me this was a movie that should've been shot and just thrown at people on VHS so you can do whatever you want with it at your own leisure.

The DVD was also packed with another film also directed by Bud Lee and starring Hyapatia. Simply titled "Tasty". The film follows Hyapatia playing the role of a struggling DJ Tasty Tastums, what a name right? She soon discovers that her ratings can go back up cause she discovers that her fan base wants to hear the sounds of people having sex on the air. So she makes the decision that if she is going to lose her job eventually that she may as well go out with a bang!!! She ditches her rock and roll norm and replaces it with the sweet sounds of people having sex over the air. She becomes an on air advice giver to the people and she helps a couple re-enact the butter scene from Last Tango in Paris and she even convinces her own traffic reporter to change up his style and he does by adding in where to find popular whorehouses and even where to avoid the vice squads that are patrolling certain areas where these whorehouses are. Then you have a doctor who goes into the dildo making business and a lead singer of a band called the SEXTETS whose going to use Tasty as a way to help her music video make it big. With all of this going on and you have to ask. Will the radio station be shut down and Tasty be out of a job well that's something your going to have to discover on your own cause I refuse to let you know here. Sorry!!!!

Now Bud Lee has gone on to say that his directorial debuts were not something he had pleasure with cause he claims he was always told to do this or that and felt like he was just there to be a name on the film. Now both films as one seems shot well and the other okay. Its your typical porno stuff what more does anyone want for 1985? If I had to pick one of them I would've given Tasty the better of the two films. But that's me and my honest opinion. Both films were lifted off their original 35mm prints thanks to Vinegar Syndrome and given their 2k quality new breath of life and a fresh Dolby sound which still has some hiss to it but lets just your not paying much attention to that cause your looking at people having sex for nearly an hour and a half. But nothing beats the music video that Tasty and the Sextets do for the song called "Hit Me With Your Wet Shot", a clear nod and parody of Pat Benatar's hit song "Hit Me With Your Best Shot". So if you want to see any of this you have to go to Vinegar Syndrome's own store or DiabolikDVD to get your copies.

reviewed by Bucky

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