Let me as you a serious question. Have you seen a zombie movie?

I mean when was the last time you actually saw a decent zombie movie that didn't come off as the same used storyline that's ripped off from either Night of the Living Dead, the Dawn of the Dead remake or the pseudo zombie movie 28 Days Later. You probably can't answer that question without uttering the words you haven't seen one since say George Romero's Dead films or the 2013 zombie thriller World War Z. Its because today's zombie film is oversaturated anymore, its grown old and stale. Its falling flat on its face because the zombie world has become the norm thanks to the success of television shows like The Walking Dead and Z Nation. Its not scary anymore and its almost as easy to make a zombie movie as it is to make a found footage film. I've grown tired of zombie films because it seems every year we get 10 new ones and not one of them goes outside the box to show their own originality.

Infected, is just that. Its a zombie movie that follows a group of teens and the remaining soldiers who tried to take control of the situation are holed up in an elementary school after an infectious disease has turned seemingly everyone into the flesh-hungry undead.

For an indie zombie movie I went into this thinking maybe I will be blown away by something different cause when it comes to the indie scene of horror movies they pull all the strings to throw it in your face that this is my movie and I did what I wanted to do without anyone putting their hand into my stuff and messing it up. But this movie was minus the hands in the product and was just plain boring at best. For 2 hours you have to understand that a zombie movie going on for this long shouldn't exist because its too long and all your doing is dragging out the boredom. You have dialogue that is too long and boring and acting that is mediocre at times if not just plain bad. I mean lets face this movie tried to be something else but is chalked up as just being the same stuff that you saw in the last 10 zombie movies you've seen.  Maybe if this movie was a comedy than maybe it would've stood on its on feet but instead it was crawling on its stomach towards the rest of the pack that was leaving it behind in their own zombie apocalypse aftermath and it showed up to the party late and is just now picking up the scraps.

I know I sound rude coming off saying this movie is bad but its not bad its just that its fallen into that genre of films that if they had just waited til the oversaturation was gone or just a little less than maybe the movie would've been great to watch. But having been filmed in 2013 and held off til now just proves that they should've just waited a little longer to put it out because the genre is just on overload right now and its the same old zombie movie. My only argument with the movie minus the running time being 2 hours and the useless dialogue, sorry this is not a Tarantino film there's no need for a zombie movie to have a soliloquy. Is that I hate running zombies, yes they can be scary as all hell if they did run at you but for zombies the argument is when the muscles break down and the skin becomes loose shouldn't a running zombie become a bag of broken bones and tendons the moment it starts to gain its momentum?

But I will give credit where it is due and that is to the director Andrew Gilbert, I know that it has to be extremely hard to get your picture picked up for distribution and especially to have a big name company like RLJ Entertainment to grab your film from the bunch that's probably sitting on their desk. Its a huge thing to have that happen and I give him credit for having this film picked up for release through them. But I dunno what happened between 2013 and today that caused them to wait so long to get this thing out and its painfully obvious that its just a little too late for this movie to have any form of an impact. But if your a die hard zombie movie fan and need something to pass the time or just need a new movie to watch than this is that movie.


reviewed by Bucky

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