Kids vs Monsters (2015)
Summary: The six richest people in the world each have one thing still dragging them down.. their intolerable kids. Luckily, there is a mysterious entity that is happy to help. See, he has some monsters of his own and they are just dying to test out their skills.. One house. Six kids. Seven monsters. Who will be left standing? It's time for a showdown.. it's Kids Vs Monsters

Take six despicable parents whose only concern is trying to figure out how to maximize their monetary intake as much as possible. Their biggest problem is that each one of them has a spoiled brat of a child who they spend tons of money on. They want the kids dealt with. Luckily the “Boss Monster” has a solution to their problem. He has seven monsters who need a proper evaluation. His proposal is that he will lock them in a house and let his monsters take care of them. The parents are all to eager to take him up on his offer to rid them of their greatest burden.
This movie has a pretty rock solid cast. We are introduced to the kids and parents through a news report about rich people. The news anchors are played by Keith David and Elaine Hendrix. The kids are played by relative unknowns who all seem to have some credits in TV shows and various lower budget movies. The parents however have a wealth of credits to their names. They are played by Lee Purcell, Christopher Atkins, Adrian Paul, and Armand Assante. Richard Moll plays the house Butler. The Boss Monster is played by Malcolm McDowell and his right hand monster Heinrich is played by Lance Henriksen.

This movie is the perfect combination of Willy Wonka and Freaked (1993). It's a bunch of spoiled brats getting what they deserve while their punishment is dished out by some of the freakiest monsters you could imagine/ My personal favorite being Mr. Beets, a man whose head is literally a giant beet and he beats the hell out of his victims.
Kids vs Monsters was a bit cheesy but that was pretty much what I expected going into it. Off the wall, entertaining, humorous; a very fun movie to watch. I wouldn't quite rank it up there with the likes of Freaked or Nothin' But Trouble but it is definitely in that same ball park as far as style goes. The acting is top notch, which should be expected from the stars I mentioned earlier. But even the lesser known actors turned in high quality performances. There was really no aspect of this movie that I found to be disappointing.

Well, maybe there was one aspect that I found a bit disappointing. The part of the Bully, whose character's name is Oliver Gingerfield. And if the name didn't give it away, he is one of my people. I don't have a problem with a ginger playing the bully; it's about time we get some movie roles outside of clowns and killer dolls. But I was disappointed about how much of a bitch he was at the end. But who knows, watching a ginger get his ass kicked might be just one more reason some of you will want to watch this movie. I'm sure some of the other members of my group here will be watching it now that I've spilled that bit of information.
But in all seriousness, no matter what you're reasoning for wanting to see this movie, please act on it. Kids vs Monsters is definitely worth the watch.

Reviewed by Bobby

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