A lot of the films that pour through Horror, Sci-fi and More tend to be just the normal horror, science fiction, action, thriller and even the more category which we just sum up to be our own version of the exploitation genre or whatever we just want to throw into that pile and call it MORE! Every now and then we get a film that we have a tough time decision making on because its neither any of the genres we cover or just can't figure out where to place it. That's where we come to the documentary film. Sometimes the film itself can be interesting and fun to watch but then again there are films that are just down right boring and you wonder why it was made. But it was Just Desserts that gave us the in-depth look into one of the classic horror movies from the 80's and that film was the George Romero and Stephen King collaboration called "Creepshow".

For those that have no idea or clue what "Creepshow" was let's take a trip back to 1982 when Romero and King decided to join forces and pay tribute to the EC comics "Tales From the Crypt" and "Vault of Horror". In the process the film became an anthology film where five separate stories were told on the screen. "Father's Day", "The Lonesome Death of Jordy Verrill", "Something To Tide You Over", "The Crate" and "They're Creeping Up On You". The film would star an all-star cast of whose who of the 80's films of that time and it would also have groundbreaking film effects by Tom Savini. Savini himself has gone on record to saying that "Creepshow" is perhaps the hardest movie he has ever worked on because it was like 5 movies rolled into 1.

Just Desserts contains rare behind the scenes footage and photographs as well as having well over a handful of interviews with the cast, director, crew and even the animator himself. The list of the interviewees are as goes George Romero, Tom Atkins, Adrienne Barbeau, Rick Catizone, Tom Savini and a few others. The stories told to you the viewer by the actors or director are interesting and will hold your attention for the hour and a half you're going to use to watch it. But the documentary itself doesn't pull up anything new for the viewer who probably already knows whatever it is that is already known about the film. Unless you are new to the film and never saw it then this film will provide you with a better in-depth look into what it was like during the shooting. But for me its a great documentary but after a few months after watching its sure to not be really remembered by you.

Michael Flescher does a great job getting the interviews and piecing them together to keep the film moving along so the viewer doesn't get bored with the documentary. I will admit the film looks great, sounds wonderful in the high def wipe it is given thanks to Synapse films a complete 360 to from when this film originally was founded on, an International copy of "Creepshow" on blu-ray. I for one enjoyed hearing the stories of this 30 something year old classic from actors like Tom Atkins, Ed Harris, Adrienne Barbeau, Tom Savini and Romero himself. But like I said this film is what it is and that's a decent documentary given a blu-ray treatment but will eventually get overlooked over time and easily forgotten.

 Extra's on the disc are great as you are given various other interviews with the crew that worked on the film and a a muti commentary for the film with Flescher himself with actor John Amplas, Bruce Alan Miller and Darryl Ferrucci giving their takes on the film's production. Also among the extra's is
Creepshow Days an 8 minute interview with Michael Gornick and 24 minutes worth of extended interview segments with Romero, Savini and Bernie Wrightson. Tom Savini's "Behind the Screams" which gives us behind the scenes look at the effects for the film and Horror's Hallowed Grounds  spends nearly a 15 minutes exploring the locations where the film was shot. Plus various other extras like behind the scene photos, posters and even a longer interview with Savini that has optional audio with Savini himself. I know I am laughing about it myself.

So if you are a die hard fan of Creepshow and you want to know what the stars and director felt about this film then this is a nice little gem you want to own to complete that collection of your's that has the word Creepshow in it. But if you want to know or learn something about the film then this is it and its a decent documentary. I am just hoping that one day we will get the documentary on the sequel "Creepshow 2" and a story behind that one story...The Raft!!!

reviewed by Bucky

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