Insurgent: The second story

The second movie picks up almost right where the first one left off at. Tris, and Tobias are on the run from Erudate and their Dauntless solders. They are being hunted like animals so the only way to escape from war is the search for peace, so they go directly for Amity. The Dauntless who were under control, are no longer under control because the implant as been turned off. I like how the movie conveniently skipped over that part and speech what was in the book but make up for it with the hunter for the divergent.

The character develop with this film has its ups and downs throughout the film depending on which person you focus on. Tris has an amazing psychological build throughout the movie, which makes her character transform from one dimensional to a complex arrangement of emotions, feelings, and potential. Tobias on the other hand regresses in an amazing way. He shifts to a ball full of complaining, crying nothingness. The story has a very good pace to it, following the two of them around Amity, where they meet up with Peter, another Dauntless who is of course only out for himself, and gives them up to the hunters quite quickly to save his own skin.

The story pacing picks up from this point on because a couple major key points. They are being hunted so intensely that you can almost feel it through the screen. The dramatic points of the hunt are one of the saving features of this movie. As Tris and Tobias are being hunted by the Dauntless, they meet up with Tris's brother and together join up with the “factionless” but of course you can sense the friction within the group because her brother is from Erudate, but it isn't as good as it might seem. The fighting between the trio and the factionless was rather rushed, and had no real passion to it, it was over in about  10 seconds, then stopped and they were brought to their leader for questioning.

As the pressure mounts on Tris being the cause of all this, she of course escapes to make the character much more selfless then she is in the book, and of course they land in the last faction of Candor (Truth). This in my opinion is the best part of the movie in general, when she is forced to tell the truth about her family, killing her friend, and everything deep within her soul, I felt like I couldn't breathe. Of course the bad guys, including Eric have caught up to them and now are raiding the Candor base, even though they were obviously too ignorant to think that another faction would try such a thing. That is something that bothered me from the books, the obliviousness is almost unreal.

Within the movement there is a quest for a divergent to open a box that contains a message for all the factions, but none have seemed to have the power of all five, guessed it, Tris. So she does what she “should” do, and race to the big bad boss's base and put herself on the chopping block to open the door way. I will spare you the details and everything and anything, but of course Tobias comes to save the day and we get an unexpected hero of sorts to help out. As the message comes out, it isn't exactly what everyone wanted so of course it is covered up, or at least tried to be until it slips out to everyone and anyone within Chicago, and all hell breaks loose, and a power struggle commences, which is concluded in the last book of the series.

In conclusion, I left out key points within the story and made it vague at times on purpose. This is because of the simple fact that films like this need to be experienced in doses, and let the plot points sink into your mind because they will be carried over from scene to scene, and also from one film to another.

Pros: Character development, Minor characters support story line and dramatic scenes, score and musical tone of entire movie.
Cons: Pacing was terrible at times, Not enough action at times; overshadowed by dramatic scenes at times, Too much going on at one time



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