MUCK (2015)

I love horror movies. I say this because I've been watching horror movies since I was about 6 years old and discovered them on Prism when they use to show old school horror flicks like Dracula and The Wolfman but it was their late night stuff that I soon stumbled upon when I was awake and no one else was. Discovering films like The Evil Dead, Strange Invaders and Death Dream opened my eyes toward a genre that I would worship religiously but as I grew up and the genre evolved and found new life in teen horror and later found footage I soon found myself hating the genre that I loved not because I grew up but because there was no more originality swimming around.

 But then there came films like Hatchet and House of the Devil that threw time back to when horror movies were cool. All I asked for in a horror movie today is blood and more blood. I don't care about a storyline because lets face it in horror you never really need to invest a story in a horror movie. Just give your typical horror fan two things: blood and tits! Thats all you need to have a successful or even over the top horror movie. Take this movie for instance its loaded with blood and TITS! And to even make it even better they even threw in the man who brought Jason Voorhees alive for 3 sequels if you haven't figured it out I am talking about Kane Hodder!

 Now your wondering is this movie anything like Hatchet? No I wouldn't compare this to Adam Green's trilogy because of its throwback mentality and use of Hodder. No Muck to me stands alone because as your watching it your realizing that there is no goddamn story for some reason. It starts right off with a group of friends running around in a marsh apparently being chased by something and they are already showing signs of they've been put through the ringer. All the girls have no clothes on for some reason, one friend is bleeding out but has the strength to want to fuck his girlfriend and all while one friend is M.I.A.. As funny as the actors do try to be in this film they try too hard and its like watching that one friend whose trying to be the center of attention fail miserably because no one is laughing.

 Now granted the film does move along pretty fast with one friend making the daring escape to find help but calls his cousin and the unintelligent banter and comedy continues as this guy is practically a grade A douchebag and exudes the word douchey. Its only after he's thrown into the struggle of trying to survive the night that his role of being the douchebag turns into a form of anti-hero but he still maintains that arrogance.

 But the main focus apparently at times during the film is tits and more tits, I know I shouldn't crap all over this but sometimes when the film is filled with tits all over the place you have to wonder whether or not you watching the same scene on a loop or you accidentally paused the movie at some point and forgot. I mean cudos for getting a playmate of the year to star in your movie but if there will be a sequel tone down on the boobs. Love them but not every female character needs to have her tits hanging out for guys to pick this movie up.

 Now Like I said there is a prequel and sequel in the works as this film is a part of a trilogy only problem is this film is actually the middle half of the trilogy explaining the lack of story and abrupt ending. But the prequel is already in the works simply titled Muck:  Feast of Saint Patrick. Ah forgot to mention that this film circles around Saint Patrick's Day as if Leprechaun wasn't bad enough we now get a different form of evil that walks around this holiday. This prequel will help fill in the missing plot hole for this film and then the ending will be fully answered whenever they decided to film and market the final chapter in this soon to be franchise but somewhere people are going  to hate this film and crap all over it because its a horror movie that's using ancient technology ala blood filled fire extinguishers. But for me this film is not perfect but is better than most of the horror movies that have trickled down the line so far this year. If your looking for something different and I mean tits, tits and blood then this is your film but if your going to sit there and want to watch something with a major star who refuses to take off their clothes and demands the rating be PG-13 to protect their own image then move along. This film won't be for everyone but for a true horror fan this film is the salvation you've been waiting for till something else pops up this year.

reviewed by Bucky

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