Human cloning. It's along the lines of taboo where man wants to become god. It also opens the doors to fear and anxiety. Leaving the person to question their beliefs and moral judgements because whose to say what we create doesn't turn on us in time? Are we truly safe from our own vices as we venture deeper into the unknown recesses of our own science. We know our own dna holds keys to the answers of the universe. But one has to ask does the created version of another have a soul?

 Closer To God takes its main angle from Mary Shelley's Frankenstein as man becomes god of sorts when he creates life from nothing. The main character is even a doctor named Victor without the whole Frankenstein-esque enigma hanging over it. Our doctor has created life on two occasions during the film. The first the mistake that eventually comes back to haunt out doctor and the apparent success thats caused the public to go into an uproar because it's not natural for man to mettle in god's affairs. All this media frenzy has started to take its toll on his personal life as his wife has become despondent towards due to his lack of commitment to his family and the ever looming dark cloud that lives behind his house with the family who he hired as caretakers for his children while him and his wife work. It all come forth to an explosive end where creation meets his maker and the eventual media frenzy has spawned a martyr of sorts who exacts his own justice.

Now the film like I said lifts its main feel for the story from Frankenstein but I also felt that the film was very David Cronenberg style. Mirroring his own twisted child story called "The Brood". Though we see glimpses of the ferral child we are told of via flashbacks and even up to date moments where we can hear his deranged screams and disasterous behavior as we are eventually shown this child's true nature when it decides to kill those around that have kept him locked away. The film comes off intelligent for the serious horror movie fans who like to have a story to grasp onto but gets mildly annoying here and there when the additions of what media frenzy can do to blow things out of proportion.

 So to tell you what to do with a film like this? I simply say if you are a fan of David Cronenberg then this film will speak to you and give you exactly what you want in a film. But for a horror fan who may just be looking for a scary movie then this isn't your film. The scares are there but its nothing like a jump out of the dark corner kind of scare no this film relies on fear. It plays on the viewers emotions and wants you to feel sorry for something but in the end it just wants you to understand that there are things in our world that shouldn't be messed with. Cause you have to ask if you were the doctor and you created life but its not exactly the life you were expecting. You created your worst fear, your deepest, darkest fear that's staring back at you. Letting you know that death is all thats going to come from them. But if you liked the movie Splice. Then yes you'll like this film. Just without Adrien Brody's face all over it.


reviewed by Bucky

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