Horns (2013)

Young love. Whose never had that in their lives? It makes us feel free, alive and happy. In a world that many people are just out to kill one another its not surprising that people can find one another at a young age and fall in love. But what if that love is taken from you in the worst possible way imaginable? The person you loved murdered and your being blamed for their death and the sad part is you didn't have anything to do with it. Society today is so hell bent on punishing anyone that blame is easily dished out to anyone for any reason. So is it that our main character Iggy is quickly blamed for his girlfriend's death but maintains his innocence through out the whole ordeal. This film will show us how human nature plays out and what happens when you allow the darkness inside of you to take over and lead your every action into the direction your seeking.
The story focuses on Iggy (Daniel Radcliffe) as he's become the prime suspect of his girlfriend Merrin's (Juno Temple) murder. Her body left under the house that is the foundation for a treehouse her head had been smashed in and she was left for dead. But their story goes farther back to when they were children and it began when as children they did what any normal brat would do and that was blow stuff up with cherry bombs. When they come to their last one, one of the kids refuses to use it or give it up unless Ig does a dare. Ride a shopping cart down the log flume, naked. Ig accepts and does the challenge but nearly dies as he becomes trapped under the logs that were floating above him he is saved by his best friend Lee (Max Minghella). For saving his life Ig gives Lee the last cherry bomb but like always something involving that act of heroism and handing over the reward ends in some form of tragedy as Lee later on blows off two of his own fingers with the cherry bomb.
It is there that Merrin arrives on the scene making it seem she was there for Lee but turns out she ends up with Iggy setting up a chain of events that will impact their adulthood.
After a drunken decision to turn from god by pissing on his dead girlfriend's memorial. Really this guy was sitting in the treehouse getting plastered while everyone was paying their respects to her and when they all left he comes down and stomps on the Virgin Mary and then proceeds to piss all over the flowers and candles left for Merrin's memory. He's stopped when the female bartender from earlier in the film stops him from doing something else and helps him home. He wakes up the next morning hung over and realizing that he had slept with this woman. He soon makes the discovery that he has horns protruding from his forehead. When he asks the lady is she see's anything on his head she says no but starts to ask him all these really messed up things about eating all the doughnuts on the table cause she wants to become fat. He tells her yes as he leaves to go see a doctor about this. Upon arrival he starts to notice that people are professing to him their sins, a mother's shocking confession on how she cheats on her husband, the desk clerk who confesses that she wishes that the mother would tell her child to the shut the hell up and the child who confesses that she wants to kill her own mother. Even the doctor professes how he hates the patients he deals with and wants to do drugs all before Ig goes under sedation but wakes up to discover the doctor banging the nurse.
Now the comedy feel for this movie is very well there as well as the horror-fantasy elements of the premise of the story. One part that I found hilarious was when he was being chased down by a horde of news reporters all asking the same questions. Until they start to confess their sins to him that he stops and thinks about how to use this new found power he has. He tells them all that it would be better if they all beat the shit out of one another and the winner of the whole thing will get a one on one personal interview with him. This brawl ensues as they all start to just start kicking the hell out of one another as he walks away and goes to the bar where he uses the power to get more confessions  that don't help his plan until he gets one from a drunkard who confesses he knows someone who knows the person whose confessed to have seen Iggy kill Merrin. This ends just as the owner of the bar sets the bar on fire via molotov cocktail. Iggy hunts down this person and it turns out to be the waitress at a restaurant where Iggy proposed to Merrin but she said no and they fought but Iggy stormed off. She claims to have seen Iggy drag her off and kill Merrin but only did this cause she believes she is so sexually attractive that she should be on television and the world would love her.
The films slowly turns into a revenge film as Iggy goes after those that know information about the crime and he starts to punish them. He starts with the waitress and uses snakes to do his dirty work for him professing to her that she's no longer beautiful for the camera's and the world will never love her now that she's ugly. His brother Terry (Joe Anderson) who professes that he tried to force himself onto Merrin but couldn't cause of his drug use and eventually passed out from using them he later woke up to find his hand covered in blood and then finds her dead body. Scared he washes his hand and throws the murder weapon into the river. Iggy uses the power to force Terry to overdose on his drugs. When Ig decides to tell Lee whose now his lawyer everything that's been going on he discovers something far more sinister about his own best friend than he ever knew before.
Now for me this film was good and I will recommend it to everyone to see. I know a lot of people look at Daniel Radcliffe and go I can't take him seriously cause I look at him and I see Harry Potter. This is a common thing cause I was the same way when I saw The Woman In Black. I couldn't see him being serious in a horror film but I will admit Radcliffe is a decent actor whose broken his old mold of being only Harry Potter. James Remar and Kathleen Quinlan pop up in the film as his parents and their both very well known from The Warriors, Dexter, Twilight Zone: The Movie, Event Horizon and The Hills Have Eyes. Even Shia LeBouf was originally casted to play Iggy but dropped out for some reason and the role went to Radcliffe who in my opinion knocks it out of the park as a man torn between love and hate. The film was directed by Alexandre Aja whose first film was a romance film but soon he slipped and fell into the horror world as he's done nothing but horror films since that 1999 romance flick. He's been hit or miss but he does have some good films under his belt and I am anticipating his adaption of Space Adventure Cobra. So if you've been skeptical about seeing this movie take my word and let that go and grab this movie for tonight. You won't be disappointed trust me. Cause we all know that in the end love eventually triumphs over evil...Or does it???

reviewed by Bucky

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